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Letters ch11

Title: Letters From War
Length: [12/?]
Author: HolyStarDown
Pairing: Yunjae, Yoosu, Teukchul
Rating: Overall NC-17 
Genre: Romance, angst, drama
Disclaimer: i only own them in my dreams
Summary: In the breaking point of the Korean war, two brothers get drafted into the military and forced to fight for the lives. literally. punishment in camp 409 is just as unforgiving as its officers. attraction? frowned upon. affection? unheard of. love? strickly forbidden. But the training camp they thought they knew gets turned upside down when six of them decide to leave no rule left unbroken
Author's Note: obviously i didn't live in the 1950's and certainly was not in Korea during the Korean war, so some of the details are going to be inacurate... just bear with me :]

{Prologue} {Ch 1} {Ch 2} {Ch 3} {Ch 4} {Ch 5a} {Ch 5b} {Ch 6} {Ch 7} {Ch 8} {Ch 9a} {Ch 9b} {Ch 10}

This be Chapter 11

Changmin couldn’t bring himself to look away from the angel undressing in front of him. The second time he saw Jaejoong at all was when the trainee was freshly out of the shower, but this was just too much. How could those skinny little arms punch so hard? How could those slender hands grip so tightly? How could Jaejoong be just so… amazing? Changmin shook away the erotic thoughts racing through his mind to prevent any more of his blood from going south. That couldn’t lead to anything good in a shower full of trainees. The Jungnyeong closed his eyes and took silent, calming breaths before stepping under the downpour and thinking a silent thanks that the water in the trainee showers had always been ice cold.


Jaejoong couldn’t help being overly worried about his position. Here he was, stark naked in front of his entire Resident in a camp that supposedly didn’t tolerate homosexuality while his twin brother showered right next to the man he’d made love to the night before. He wanted nothing more than for everyone else to disappear, but the want for the water pouring over his body to be hot enough to ease the pain surging through his entire lower half was right up there with it. Flashes of the night before distracted him from reality, lighting up points in his body that burned during his telepathic assault. Now that his mind wasn’t clouded with exhaustion, the reality of what happened sank in. His twin brother had lied to him about liking Yoochun and about being totally straight, and now Jaejoong knew that Junsu was not only a liar but a hypocrite too.


He tilted his head back and closed his eyes as the frigid water washed over the red marks that still stained his pale skin. So much had happened in such a short time… All of it was piling up and would surely overwhelm him soon.


Out of nowhere, Jaejoong felt the heat rise in his body and he looked at his twin from the corner of his eye. Sure enough, Junsu stood beside Yoochun and was blushing furiously as Yoochun seemed to talk to the concrete wall in front of them with a cheeky grin. Jaejoong failed to hear the soft-spoken words, but he clearly felt the effect as if the words were strung out just for him. A blush crept onto his own cheeks, forcing him to turn his head away from the Jungnyeong beside him. His eyes slid closed and he willed Junsu to hear his thought. “Tell him to knock it off Junsu.”


Like clockwork, the younger Kim twin twisted his head to look at his hyung. Yoochun followed suit as soon as he realized Junsu’s attention was no longer on him.


Jaejoong felt both sets of eyes on him (and he could have sworn there were more) as he made a quick sweep over his neck with the side of his hand and opened his eyes to glare in their direction.


Junsu’s blush deepened and he lowered his head, blocking both Jaejoong and the confused Yoochun from his sight with his dripping hair. In his mind, Jaejoong still had no idea what happened the night before, but he felt like “I totally had sex with Park Yoochun last night” was written all over his face. Everyone seemed to pay more attention to him, and every word out of Yoochun's mouth made him blush like a crushing schoolgirl. He didn’t even understand why his paranoia kept taunting him. It wasn’t like anyone could really tell what they did in that cramped little supply closet, right? He spared a quick glance at the Jaejoong, but the latter had already turned away.


“Relax Susu,” Yoochun almost purred. He switched off the water and shook out his dark hair. “I doubt your brother was sending you a death threat.”


Junsu turned off his shower as well. “I know that!” he hissed. “He wanted me to tell you to stop doing something I think…”


Yoochun titled his head as he dried himself off. “How do you know that?”


Junsu’s shoulders lifted and fell. “I just do,” he said quietly. The blush on his cheeks grew darker yet again. He kept silent until both of them dried off, put their clothes on, and left the showers.


Jaejoong followed soon after as slowly as he could. Walking just wasn’t the most pleasant experience; he felt Junsu's pain plus his own both from last night’s event and the insane drills they were pushed through the day before, making it nearly impossible to walk normally. But he managed somehow- unlike Junsu who made himself look more duck like with every step. Jaejoong sighed deeply and made his way to the Mess Hall. He thought more about the few minutes he had before he passed out in Yunho’s arms last night as he went, and knew that he’d have a lot of explaining to do when he met the Soryeong again. Yunho definitely saw through his lie, but he didn’t press the matter any further. And for that Jaejoong was very grateful. Still, he figured Yunho wouldn’t let it go for very long. He waited in the sluggish line of trainees with his mind drifting to a far better place; a place of punishment for lying.


Changmin stayed close behind the trainee until he had to split off to sit with the trainees in his own Resident. Loneliness tugged at his mind throughout breakfast despite the hundreds of trainees packed in beside him. Most of them he recognized, but he didn’t know a single one of them personally. Even though it was only a far off dream with his suspension, the Jungnyeong longed to sit at his rightful place beside Yunho in the Officer’s Quarters or to sneak seconds into his room like he usually did after his meals. Figuring that he might as well make the best of his current situation, he scanned over the sea of faces before his gaze fell on the one he wanted to see. Damn Heechul and his ‘stay with your resident’ order…


As Changmin’s eyes followed Jaejoong’s every move, flashes of the trainees glistening body momentarily covered reality. He just couldn’t help it; the sight of Jaejoong naked up close was all he could think about since the second he stepped into the trainee showers, and he didn’t want to forget it. He’d make sure he’d never forget it.


Several tables away, Jaejoong finally sat down and shot a different kind of look at his brother. Confusion, spite, shock, and curiosity all shone in his eyes. He occasionally shifted his gaze to Yoochun who had a content grin plastered on his face as he ate. Junsu on the other hand, kept his eyes trained on the table to hide the deep thoughts racing through his mind. Jaejoong finally decided to put an end to it all. “You’re such a hypocrite Junsu,” he stated blatantly.


The youngest’s eyes widened for a second before he lifted his head. “What are you talking about Hyung?” This was it. He knew.


“You know exactly what I’m talking about.” Jaejoong jerked his head in Yoochun’s direction, catching the latter’s attention. “I can’t believe you were the one telling me to control myself.” He lowered his head again and pretended to be more interested in his food than the shocked looks both Junsu and Yoochun shot his way.


“How could you possibly know if I did anything like… like what you’re insinuating that I did? Because I didn’t. But if I did, how could you know?”


Jaejoong stared right into Junsu’s eyes and said, “Because I’m your twin Junsu. I’ll spare you from the details.”


Yoochun’s confused eyes darted from one twin to the other. None of what they said made sense to him, and neither of them looked like they wanted to explain any time soon. Jaejoong and Junsu just stared at each other; Jaejoong’s gaze intense and serious, Junsu’s a mixture of shock, defensiveness, and possibly a little bit of fear. Yoochun could have sworn he saw sparks fly between them and crash together, creating miniature explosions that thickened the ever-growing tension at the table. He was shocked that none of the other trainees sitting with them noticed the silent war unfolding in front of him. For the life of him he couldn’t figure out what Jaejoong was so wound up about or why Junsu looked so horribly guilty under his brother’s accusing glare, but he knew there had to be something.


Not knowing what else to do, Yoochun lightly rested his hand on Junsu’s thigh and shot him a questioning glance. Both gestures went ignored.


Junsu was far too wrapped up in the words Jaejoong conveyed with his eyes and the words he just said. Spare me the details? Details about what? The hand on his thigh conveyed little assurance but made up for it with a crap load of guilt, screaming at him that he did exactly what he swore he would never do. Something he told Jaejoong over and over not to do. Yet now here he was, somehow caught in the act.


Jaejoong had always had some way of finding out things about him, even things the elder twin was nowhere around to witness. Neither of them could explain it- neither of them really tried to. The threads of their souls were inevitable intertwined, linking their minds, and it had always been that way. Their parents believed Jaejoong was just empathetic but the twins knew better; empathy didn’t allow someone to feel when their brother broke his wrist at the exact moment it happens. And now, that “empathy” portrayed Junsu as a hypocrite.


A deep sigh passed Junsu’s tense lips and he finally broke eye contact with Jaejoong. His sigh held no anger toward his brother, only anger toward himself. “Hyung…” he called softly.


Jaejoong’s gaze softened at the child-like guilt lacing that one word. The shame contorting the slightly younger boy’s face made the spontaneous bubble of resentment toward him instantly pop. His hand found Junsu’s and their fingers laced together.


“I know what I did was wrong but… I don’t regret it Hyung. I really don’t.”




The scorching sun showed no mercy as it rose to beat down on camp 409. It had only been up for three hours but the trainees were already drenched with their own sweat. Even Yunho felt the heat’s wrath; beads of perspiration rolled across his tanned skin, leaving dark polka dots to slowly merge together on the fabric covering his chest. His lungs begged for more oxygen than the short grass underneath his feet could provide. His skin cried for him to stop moving and let it cool down. His arms pleaded with his brain to make him let go of Changmin who was hopelessly trying to break free from his grasp. Only his arms got their wish as he finally released his hold on Changmin and let the latter rest. It came as no surprise that the younger officer lost or that he was grinning like a fool after their demonstrational fight ended.


Changmin rested his palms on his knees, breathing heavily and trying to ignore the pain in his arm and nose. He knew Yunho elbowing his face was unintentional, but did he really have to bend his arm back so high? He stole a glance at Jaejoong and was met with a lust-filled gaze.


Jaejoong stared at Yunho with dark eyes. Whether his harsh breathing was a result of their earlier drills or from watching the Soryeong fight he couldn’t be sure. But either way, it was certain that the heat pooling in his stomach wasn’t from the sun or Junsu. Yunho’s skin glistened from the light reflecting off the thin sheen of sweat that had formed on his skin during his and Changmin’s short spar. The lust that suddenly swept over him was uncontrollable, and Jaejoong wished he would have taken Yunho up on his offer the night before.


And his gaze didn’t go unnoticed. It tore Yunho into pieces to look at the all the trainees equally and drone on instructions when just the look in Jaejoong’s eyes made him feel like a horny bastard. He finally gave up and stared straight at Jaejoong for much longer than he should have. The desire to talk to Jaejoong became unbearable under the latter’s intense gaze. Changmin cleared his throat as a warning for him to move his eyes, but Yunho ignored it. He wanted to get his beautiful trainee away from everyone else, away from camp 409, and away from this war. For now he had to settle for dragging Jaejoong off to their own little world as he gave unconscious instructions to the others.


Jaejoong already knew every bit of information Yunho and Changmin shouted at them. He effortlessly slid through the motions he learned years ago, the only discomfort coming from a change in footing that shot electricity through his lower body. Even then, Yunho’s eyes almost completely melted the pain away. His arms flew forward and slid back as if they had minds of their own, his legs stepped back and to the side on their own accord. He reveled in the sight of Yunho’s muscles contracting underneath his tanned skin as they mirrored each other’s moves. It was inevitable; Yunho was too enticing to ignore.


Changmin sighed and shook his head at the pair, even though they were too distracted to notice anyway. Why did his hyung and Jaejoong have to be so obvious and leave him to do all the cover up work? His heart tinged as he stared at Jaejoong’s desire-filled eyes and hated that they were directed at someone other than him. You did this Changmin… he reminded himself. You wanted this for Yunho and now he has it. Stop being so stupid. But his mind and his heart weren’t working together that day. His heart told him to shove Yunho away and avert Jaejoong’s eyes to look at him like that. His mind hated himself for having that thought and wanted to help them both instead.


Pushing his jealousy aside, Changmin donned a serious expression and stood in front of Yunho. He blocked the Soryeong’s view of Jaejoong with a sidestep and spoke in a voice only the two of them could hear. “Everything you’re going to see in a minute will be fake Hyung, alright? Absolutely fake.”


Yunho quirked his eyebrows, eyeing Changmin’s expression for hints to what the young Jungnyeong was getting at. To his dismay, Changmin’s face held nothing but a mischievous glint in his eyes. Obviously he had made up another ridiculous plan that included something purposely going wrong. The only questions were what and why. Without figuring out either of the answers, he nodded once and Changmin returned to his place beside him.


After a few seconds, Changmin narrowed his eyes and very slowly walked toward Jaejoong. “Ideungbyeong Jaejoong what the hell do you think you’re doing?”


The trainee’s movements froze and he lowered his arms. “Sir?”


Changmin continued walking until they stood practically nose to nose. He lowered his voice again, so much so that even Jaejoong barely caught his words. “You’re going to hit me. Hard. Make me bleed if you can,” he breathed out, loving that it sounded much more erotic than he meant for it to.


The words rode to Jaejoong on a breath of hot hair that fanned out against his face. He could hardly believe what he heard was correct, but someone screaming at him left him unable to think.


“WHY CAN’T YOU GET THIS RIGHT???” Changmin yelled. He hated that his decision forced him to insult the seemingly fragile thing in front of him, hated that Jaejoong might take him seriously even if it was only for a few seconds, hated that Yunho would kill him for sure after this if his plan didn’t play out exactly right. “You’re incapability to do something so damn simple is going to KILL someone Ideungbyeong Kim!! Do you understand that?? If you feel like getting yourself killed, fine! But you better get your ass in gear so you don’t risk anyone else’s life when your prissy little self can’t fight off a northern soldier!!”


A loud crack rang out through the field the second the last word was out of Changmin’s mouth. Pain erupted from the center of his face one second, from the back of his head the next as he hit the ground. Several cries of “Jungnyeong Shim!” chorused form the crowd of trainees and were pierced by a screamed “CHANGMIN!!” as Yunho rushed to the young officer’s side. The world around Changmin spun and flashed in brilliant colors, none of the images making sense except the horrified look on Jaejoong’s face. Crimson tears spilled from his already broken nose. Gasps of anguish escaped his parted lips. The edges of his vision began to fade to black. Changmin could hardly make out the figure stripping its shirt until his vision was almost completely blocked by the grey-green fabric. Changmin’s note to self: never tell Jaejoong to hit you again. It hurts.


Yunho frantically tried to wipe the blood from his friend’s face as the latter breathed through clenched teeth and tried to push Yunho’s hands away. His mind was torn between the desire to knock Jaejoong out, chasing after the trainees who had run off, and the need to help Changmin. He couldn’t bring himself to even look at the trainee for he knew he’d surely attack him if he did. With that thought in mind, he continued to wipe the blood from Changmin’s face and try to tilt the Jungnyeong’s head back without much luck; his shirt was dyed a deep red in a matter of seconds.


Yunho’s annoyance grew as Changmin’s persistent hands yet again tried to push him away. The bloodied lips were moving, nothing more than a strangled jumble of nonsense coming out of them. “Jaejoong… your chance… take… Hyung… fake… damnit… listen…”


Finally, it clicked. Yunho’s eyes nearly doubled in size and he stared at his dongsaeng in utter shock. Everything you’re going to see in a minute will be fake Hyung, alright? Absolutely fake. Well this blood certainly isn’t fake. Yunho looked up at Jaejoong’s terror-stricken face; it didn’t seem like the reaction of someone who meant to do this kind of damage. He took one last look at Changmin before he forced a vicious glare at Jaejoong and rose to his feet. “YOU!!” He jerked his arm to the side and pointed toward the general direction of the Officer’s Quarters with a shaking hand. “To Daeryeong Kim. Now.”


Changmin’s nails raked against the fabric of Yunho’s pants as he furiously shook his head, sending new waves of pain throughout his body. He only calmed himself when Yunho spared him a brief wink before grabbing the collar of Jaejoong’s shirt and dragging him away from the fields. Eunhyuk scampered onto the scene only seconds later with several trainees and Dongwook in his wake. They lifted the bleeding Jungnyeong into their arms and carried him off just as the world faded completely to black.




The door of the Officer’s Quarters slammed shut but still Yunho dragged the panicking trainee further to another room Jaejoong had never seen. The Soryeong only released his shirt when the door was locked behind them, and he whipped around to face Jaejoong in the dim light. “What were you thinking??” he hissed.


“Yunho, I’m sorry! Jungnyeong Shim told me to so I-”


Jaejoong’s words were silenced by a harsh kiss. Lips eagerly parted, tongues clashed, hands threaded into silky hair.


Yunho reluctantly pulled away from his illicit lover for air and looked deep into his endlessly black eyes. “You should never listen to Changmin. His plans are crazy,” he whispered against Jaejoong’s abused lips. He wiped the blood from the split in Jaejoong’s lip that he reopened with his thumb before kissing him softly. “This from last night?”


“Yeah…” Jaejoong muttered, pressing his own thumb over the split.


After a few seconds of silence Yunho sighed and gently grabbed Jaejoong’s hand to pull him over to a small bed. He sat on the bland white sheets and motioned for the younger to do the same. “Are you going to tell me what really happened?”


Suddenly a speck on the floor seemed much more interesting to look at than Yunho. Jaejoong kept his eyes on that one spot as the Soryeong awaited his answer. His tongue quickly ran across his broken lip and he twisted the thin sheet around his finger, debating whether he could tell Yunho the truth or not. Honesty was out of the question at first, but the gentle look in Yunho’s usually hard eyes melted away his defenses. “My… brother did something…” he began uncertainly, his words soft and slow.


“That’s the one who stood up to you when I called you a woman?”


Jaejoong nodded.


Yunho reached out and tucked a lock of Jaejoong’s ebony hair behind his ear, leaning closer as he did so. “What did he do?”


“Something he’d get in trouble for.”


“And you’re worried that I’ll punish him if you tell me.”


Jaejoong nodded again.


Yunho leaned even closer to him and his eyes slid halfway closed. “Don’t worry about that Jaejoong-ah,” he whispered with a husky laugh. He tilted his head to the side and traced his tongue around the shell of Jaejoong’s ear at a painfully slow pace, sending a chill down the trainee’s spine. He lowered his voice to make it send vibrations through his lover’s entire body. “You’re the only one I punish.”





Sunghe: Wonsu ((American equal is General of Army))

Heechul: Daeryeong ((American equal is colonel))
Changmin: Jungnyeong ((American equal is lieutenant colonel))
Leeteuk: Jungnyeong ((American equal is lieutenant colonel))
Dongwook: Jungnyeong ((American equal is lieutenant colonel))
Yunho: Soryeong ((American equal is major))

Eunhyuk: Soryeong/ Head Medic ((American equal is major and… head medic))
Yoochun: Sangdeungbyeong ((American equal is corporal))
Donghae: Sangdeungbyeong ((American equal is corporal))
Jaejoong: Ideungbyeong ((American equal is private))
Junsu: Ideungbyeong ((American equal is private))


A/N: omg i'm sorry this took so damn long to type up Dx i can't focus for shit. i was debating whether or not i should end it like this sense i've already made you guys suffer so long....but i did :]

remember, comments make me more determined to update faster :D **wink wink**

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