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Title: Letters From War
Length: [9/?]
Author: HolyStarDown
Pairing: Yunjae, Yoosu, Leeteuk and Heechul ((Tuekchul?))
Rating: Overall NC-17 
Genre: Romance, angst, drama
Disclaimer: i only own them in my dreams
Summary: Two brothers get drafted into the military during the Korean war, but before they can go into combat they are sent to train at camp 409 where they must live with other trainees for at least two months. ((bad summary...))
Author's Note: obviously i didn't live in the 1950's and certainly was not in Korea during the Korean war, so some of the details are going to be inacurate... just bear with me :] holy God~

{Prologue} {Ch 1} {Ch 2} {Ch 3} {Ch 4} {Ch 5a} {Ch 5b} {Ch 6} {Ch 7}

This be Chapter 8 :]



Leeteuk could swear there was supposed to be fire coming up from the floor of Heechul’s room. He could hear the Daeryeong shrieking at some poor officer the second he opened the door to the Officer’s Quarters and rushed to Heechul’s room just as Eunhyuk backed out in a bow so low his head was close to hitting the floor. So this is where he’s been… Leeteuk thought while his eyes followed Eunhyuk. That’s just one more lie Changmin… He sighed deeply and entered Heechul’s room.


Heechul was sitting behind his deck with his eyes tightly screwed shut and his elbows propped up on the wooden surface. He took deep breaths through clenched teeth as his fingers furiously massaged his temples. “What do you want now Leeteuk?” he snapped without opening his eyes.


“It’s about Soryeong Jung and Jungnyeong Shim sir,” Leeteuk said, bowing slightly even though he knew the Daeryeong wouldn’t see it.


Heechul opened his eyes in a vicious glare and his fingers stopped their administration. “What about them?” he asked.


“Well it’s actually not so much about Soryeong Jung as it is Jungnyeong Shi-”


“Get to the point Leeteuk.” Heechul narrowed his eyes further and clenched his fist. His patience had worn thin as the evening drew closer, and Eunhyuk’s request for more medical supplies made him snap just moments ago. It was difficult to stay somewhat clam, but he wanted to hear anything Leeteuk could offer about Changmin and Yunho.


“It’s not anything major, but I think he was trying to hide something from me a few minutes ago in the medical ward,” Leeteuk said. He decided to start out small and gage Heechul’s reaction, then decide whether to drop the bomb on the make out session. He wanted Heechul to have something against Changmin, but he didn’t want to push his superior’s stress levels too far.


“Obviously he isn’t going to tell you everything,” Heechul said through his teeth. Leeteuk was just wasting his time again.


Leeteuk gave a small nod. “Of course not, but I think he was trying to hide something for Soryeong Jung.”


Just as he expected, that immediately perked Heechul’s interest. His eyes snapped fully open and his jaw tightened. “What do you mean?” he asked slowly.


“Do you want the short or long story?”


“Tell me what I need to know. Nothing more, nothing less.”


Leeteuk’s mouth turned up into a short half-smile and sat in the chair beside him. “Kim Jaejoong was taken to the medical ward by Soryeong Jung and Jungnyeong Shim, but when I went to the ward a little later Jungnyeong Shim was standing outside while Soryeong Jung was inside with Jaejoong. Changmin- I mean Jungnyeong Shim- tried to keep me from going in for-”


Heechul cut Leeteuk off with a deep sigh and his forehead smacking against his hand. “Shorter.”


“I think Yunho and Jaejoong were doing something in the medical ward and Changmin was trying to cover for them.”


Heechul covered his face with his hands and let out a drawn-out groan before dragging his fingers through his already disheveled hair. The persistent needle stabbed Leeteuk’s heart when he met Heechul’s eyes again, finally seeing just how much keeping the stress and frustration beneath the surface had taken a toll on the Daeryeong in just a matter of hours. He’d never seen the one he loved in this state aside from those rare moments when he had complete breakdowns. The only difference was now Leeteuk had no idea as to how to fix it, especially since he assumed that he just made it much worse. He took the risk of taking Heechul’s hand and was rewarded with his head not being chopped off.


Instead, Heechul just pulled his hand away and lowered his gaze to the desk after allowing the gesture for a few seconds. “I already talked to Soryeong Jung about this…” His eyes darted from side to side without looking at anything in particular. “What the hell is he thinking?!” He stopped in a short pause before slowly returning his gaze to Leeteuk. “Am I losing my authority?” he asked with his voice quiet and shaking slightly.


The severe insecurity in Heechul’s voice made the persistent needle plunged even deeper into Leeteuk’s heart. And he couldn’t stand it anymore. “You know what? I doubt that it was anything important. It was probably me just being jumpy with the new step up in the rules and all. And if it does develop into something more, I’ll take care of it myself. You don’t need to worry about a thing.” He looked up slightly from his bow to see the corner of Heechul’s mouth twitch.


“Thank you…”


The words were barely louder than his breath, but it made a bright smile appear on Leeteuk’s lips. He hadn’t heard Heechul say a meaningful thanks since before they ever set foot in camp 409 and it made his love for the other man almost explode inside of him to hear it again- especially since he was the one person it was being said to. “You’re very welcome sir,” Leeteuk said with his smile still in place.


A few minutes of silence passed and Leeteuk’s smile eventually faded as he watched Heechul’s silent internal debate. The Daeryeong stared blankly ahead but his mind was fighting a civil war. Finally giving in to both sides, Heechul sighed and focused his eyes on Leeteuk. “Jungnyeong Park, I want to arrange a meeting this evening in the common room for all of the officers. Jungnyeongs, Soryeongs, Dangwi, Jungwi, Sowi, Wonsa, Sangsa, Jungsa, Hasa; everyone. Don’t give them a reason, just do it. And tell them that if they don’t attend they will be severely punished. Got it?”


Leeteuk nodded, ignoring his slight skepticism. “Before or after dinner?”


“Before. I need to give them enough time for it to soak in.”


“Then I’ll tell them right away.” With that Leeteuk bowed and sauntered out of the room.




I would say you’re already mine.


Those words raced through Junsu’s mind from the second he heard them until he was already settled at the table across from Yoochun at dinner, and yet he still had no clue what they meant. He’d only learned one sentence in English in his life: ‘I do not speak Engrish.’ He tried all day to come up with the meaning of Yoochun’s words but only came up with the meaning of I. Even now as he was chasing a pea around his tray with his fork (and focusing on it very intently) he pondered what the former American could have said. And finally, it hit him. “You made fun of my butt didn’t you!?!”


Yoochun jumped at the sudden dolphin squeak, spilling water all over his shirt and went cross-eyed to focus on the finger practically touching his nose. “Um, what are you talking about?” he asked slowly. The finger jabbed at his nose and Junsu stood up.


“When you said that thing you said in English! You were making fun of my butt!!” Junsu accused, poking Yoochun’s nose again.


A smirk pulled at Yoochun’s lips as he gently lowered Junsu’s hand. “No,” he corrected. “I would never make fun of your butt.” It’s too cute for that… Yoochun leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms behind his head. “I was just telling you what you already subconsciously know.”




Yoochun laughed softly. “Nothing Susu.”




“Yeah. Can I call you that?”




“I think it’s cute.”


“Cute?? What the hell? I am not cute. Are you sure you aren’t… you know…” Junsu’s voice got softer. “Gay?”


Yoochun chuckled and reached his hand across the table to pinch Junsu’s cheek. “Aww Susu-ah, you really are cute.”


Junsu wrinkled his nose and slapped Yoochun’s hand away, rubbing his “abused” cheek with his other hand. He hadn’t known this guy for more than two days and he’d already seen three different sides of this Park Yoochun: sympathetic, bold, and cheeky. And so far he only liked the first two. The last one, well, that one was just annoying. He couldn’t wrap his mind around why this guy thought he was gay like Jaejoong because he certainly wasn’t. Sure he appreciated Yoochun helping him out when he was worrying about Jaejoong and wouldn’t want anyone else to be the one to comfort him, but that didn’t mean he liked the older man in that way. Sure his cheeks got hotter and his voice squeaked a little more when Yoochun was around, but that didn't mean he felt anything special between them other than the possibility of a strong friendship. He wasn’t gay. Jaejoong was. Not Junsu. “I’m not cute,” he finally said.


“Whatever you say Susu. Whatever you say.” Yoochun leaned forward again and went back to eating his food, occasionally glancing up at the pouting Junsu and holding back his laughter. He did little things throughout dinner to keep Junsu’s mind away from worrying about Jaejoong. He promised himself that he would make sure that undesirable depressed face of Junsu’s didn’t come back, and he’d do just about anything to keep that promise from being broken. Besides, “Susu’s” pouting face was much cuter. Yoochun kept that promise, and Junsu didn’t worry about Jaejoong until he saw him again when they went to bed that night.


The slightly older Kim twin was sitting on his bed with a ghost of a smile on his lips. He could just barely taste Yunho on his tongue anymore, but it was all he could think about. The thrill of almost getting caught still had his heart pounding every time he thought about it. He was horrified at first, but after the Jungnyeongs and Yunho left, the fact that he had gotten away with breaking a major rule sank in. Leeteuk was only seconds from catching them in the act, yet they managed to get away. His smile spread at the thought again just as Junsu walked by.


The shorter man stopped a few steps away from Jaejoong’s bunk and turned his head back to look at his brother. “Jaejoong!” he squeaked.


Jaejoong’s smile instantly dropped, and only a fraction of a second later a pair of strangling arms wrapped around his neck.


“What the hell happened to you Hyung!?” Junsu asked after he let go. He sat beside Jaejoong and promptly ignored Yoochun’s presence only a few feet away from him.


“I… got… de… hydrated…” Jaejoong forced out while Junsu’s arms loosened a little.


“Oh my God Hyung I was so worried! I saw them carrying you away and then Soryeong Jung wouldn’t tell me what was wrong and…” Junsu rambled on, and Jaejoong’s hearing faded in and out, only catching a few random sentences until a loud dolphin squeak brought him back to reality. “OH MY GOD HYUNG WHAT IS THAT???”


Jaejoong’s hand instantly shot up to cover the red marks on his neck that Junsu’s wide eyes were focused on. “Nothing,” he replied quickly, directing his gaze away from Junsu. Yunho said that they weren’t that noticeable if he didn't bring attention to them. And Junsu wasn’t the most observant person in the whole world. Yeah… so much for not noticeable.


Junsu leaned closer to Jaejoong and lowered his voice to a frantic whisper. “Who did you get them from?” he hissed.


Jaejoong jerked away from his brother and flipped up his collar in attempt to cover the marks Yunho left on his pale skin. “Nobody,” he lied obviously. He could feel the heat rising in his face and tingeing his cheeks a deepening red.


Junsu crossed his arms and glared at Jaejoong. “I swear to God Hyung, if I have to-”


But his words were cut off by Leeteuk bursting through the door. He sped through the room and stopped in the middle to make sure he could be seen by all the trainees in his resident. “All of you get to your own bunks now! No complaining, no arguments. Just do it!” he shouted. His eyes scanned the crowd of faces around the room for one particular person until they focused on Jaejoong. “Except you.” He nodded in Jaejoong’s direction. “You come with me.”


Jaejoong and Junsu froze, their breath catching in their throats. Neither brother dared to do anything.


Yoochun looked from them to Leeteuk and back, silently praying that the Jungnyeong was talking to the hickey man and not his Junsu. He could handle more worry control duty, but he’d have to break into the storage closet and shoot someone if Leeteuk took Junsu away from him before he put his plan into action, even if he was gone for only a few minutes. His anxiety was quickly relieved when Jaejoong pulled himself away from Junsu and stood beside Leeteuk, who was pleased with the person that responded.


“Is there something wrong sir?” Jaejoong asked quietly as he bowed.


Leeteuk put on his new trainee smile and gestured for Jaejoong to come up from his bow. “Oh there’s nothing wrong Ideungbyeong Kim. Soryeong Jung wants to see you outside.”


Jaejoong had only known Leeteuk for two days, and he already knew that smile never meant anything good. Still, it was an order, and he had to go out. That along with, if Yunho really did want to see him, he wanted to go.


Leeteuk saw the slight glimmer of desire spark in the trainee’s eyes when he mentioned Yunho’s title. It was obvious that Jaejoong’s feelings toward Yunho were similar to the ones that he had for Heechul, even though he believed they weren’t as strong as his, and he knew he could use that to his full advantage soon enough. He lightly placed his hand on Jaejoong’s shoulder and led him to the door. Before he left, he turned back to the other trainees. “If I see anyone outside there will be severe consequences.” With that he led Jaejoong to the Officer’s Quarters.


Yunho was leaning against the outer wall of the Officer’s Quarters whispering with Changmin when he saw Jaejoong and Leeteuk make their way toward them. He and Changmin eyed the pair carefully until they came to a stop only a few feet away.


“You wanted to see him, so here he is,” Leeteuk said simply, shoving Jaejoong forward with a wink. He knew Changmin would be with Yunho and that they would have to go to the meeting in only a few minutes. He watched Changmin’s disposition change from the corner of his eyes while both Yunho and the other Jungnyeong kept their eyes fixed on the beautiful trainee.


Yunho managed to tear his gaze away from Jaejoong. “I wanted to see him?” he asked.


“Yes, you did. Remember?” Leeteuk emphasized ‘remember’ in hopes that Yunho would get the hint to go along with his lie.


“Oh.” Yunho said gravely as he glared suspiciously at Leeteuk. “That’s right.” He flashed a forced smile at Jaejoong before he leaned in and put his lips almost to Leeteuk’s ear. “Where are you taking him?” he hissed.


Leeteuk’s smirk was partially hidden from Changmin and Jaejoong by Yunho’s hair. “Where do you think? Daeryeong Kim wanted to talk to him, and I’m headed to his room. Use your brain.” He jerked his shoulder into Yunho’s and stepped to the side. “I suggest you make it quick Soryeong; he has somewhere else to go.”


Jaejoong’s eyes darted from Leeteuk to Yunho. “Somewhere else?”


“Yes. Kiss him quick.”


Yunho and Jaejoong were caught off guard by his statement, but Changmin caught on at this point. He slid toward Leeteuk, blocking Yunho and Jaejoong from his sight. “Talk with me for a sec?”


A wry laugh escaped Leeteuk’s lips and his smirk grew wider. “There’s nothing to talk about Changmin. I’m going to allow them one quick kiss before Jaejoong gets torn to shreds by Daeryeong Kim.” He paused for a second to glance at the totally shocked Jaejoong. “You don’t have a problem with that… do you?” He expected Changmin to object. He expected Changmin to make up some kind of clever excuse or some kind of diversion to get them away from the situation- not for him to give in.


“Yeah that’s fine as long as no one else sees it,” Changmin said. The indifference in his voice was almost painful to conjure but he had to force it to make it convincing. That was the first response Leeteuk didn’t expect.


Yunho wasn’t going to play into Leeteuk’s hands; he had more at stake than just himself this time. “And why do you think I would want to kiss him?” Yunho asked in an almost disgusted tone.


The remark hit Jaejoong like a slap in the face. Had Yunho not kissed him more than three times in one day? Of course he knew it was against the rules, but hadn’t Leeteuk already seen them kiss and only tried to cover for them? Hadn’t Leeteuk been perfectly fine with their kiss like Changmin had been?


Yunho crossed his arms and shifted his weight to keep himself from seeing Jaejoong’s hurt expression. “It’s not like we’re you and Heechul.” The next thing Yunho knew, he was on the ground with pain exploding from his jaw and Jaejoong standing over him. He could hear Leeteuk shrieking “You told him! You bastard, you told him!!” not far away with loud smacks and “No I didn’t!” s right beside him.


Within seconds of Yunho hitting the ground, the doors of the Officer’s Quarters flew open and they were surrounded by every officer in camp 409. Yunho and Changmin were helped to their feet while three officers struggled to restrain Leeteuk from attacking Changmin. “YOU BASTARD!!” Leeteuk screamed again, pulling against his human restraints.


The crowd parted to make a path for Heechul as he made his way toward the commotion. His breath caught in his throat when he saw Changmin wipe blood away from his nose and Leeteuk scream the other Jungnyeong’s name in fury. His own rage flooded his mind at the sight. He approached Leeteuk, with the flames of hell burning in his eyes. He wouldn’t stand for officers fighting no matter who it was whether the Wonsu was coming or not; the fact that the Wonsu was indeed coming and that it was Changmin getting hurt only made it that much worse.


Leeteuk calmed himself in Heechul’s presence, only breathing fiercely through his nose with his mouth shut tight. He kept his death glare locked on Changmin until a hand colliding with his cheek forced his head to the side. Never had Heechul hit anyone before. Never.


The silence was deafening as Leeteuk’s anger quickly dissolved into child like disbelief and Heechul’s flames grew even brighter. Nobody dared to move except Jaejoong who very slowly cringed behind Yunho. The silence stretched out for an eternity before Heechul’s anger-shaken voice finally broke through. “You’re a disgrace Leeteuk,” he said simply. But those four words were enough to tear Leeteuk to pieces. He slid out of the officers’ arms to his knees with his head bowed low enough for his hair to block his face and the reddening handprint from view. Heechul turned away from Leeteuk and addressed Changmin and Yunho. “Are you two alright?”


Yunho rubbed his jaw and nodded stiffly. Changmin wiped the blood off his face again but ignored the Daeryeong’s question. He kept his eyes trained on Leeteuk’s lowered head and stepped forward. “I didn’t tell anyone anything Leeteuk,” he whispered. “I wouldn’t betray my friends like that.” He pushed through the crowd and into the Officer’s Quarters without another word. After a few moments’ hesitation, Heechul followed with the other officers filing in behind, and eventually Yunho and Jaejoong, leaving Leeteuk alone on the ground with a shattered heart.






Sunghe: Wonsu ((American equal is General of Army))

Heechul: Daeryeong ((American equal is colonel))
Changmin: Jungnyeong ((American equal is lieutenant colonel))
Leeteuk: Jungnyeong ((American equal is lieutenant colonel))
Dongwook: Jungnyeong ((American equal is lieutenant colonel))
Yunho: Soryeong ((American equal is major))

Eunhyuk: Soryeong/ Head Medic ((American equal is major and… head medic))
Yoochun: Sangdeungbyeong ((American equal is corporal))
Donghae: Sangdeungbyeong ((American equal is corporal))
Jaejoong: Ideungbyeong ((American equal is private))
Junsu: Ideungbyeong ((American equal is private))



A/N: ok. a few things. sorry for taking so long to update :[ i still love you all, i promise! i have sat's tomorrow, midterms thursday and friday, and i'm possibly leaving from friday after school to monday night. sooo the next update will again come later. this chapter is disappointing because i was depressed writing most of it... i found out that my friend OD'd a few days ago and things have only gotten worse for her... but! hopefully things will get better. sorry to ramble to you all! ^^;; PLEASE COMMENT!

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