HolyStarDown (holystardown) wrote,

Exo Drabble Dump 2

Title: Radiance
Length: Drabble (~300w)
Pairing: Kris/Suho
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst, Dark Themes
A/N: this started as something really fluffy, but somehow it... didn't end that way :| it was supposed to be borderline cavity-inducing

The world tilts a little too much whenever Joonmyun decides to stand anywhere close to Wufan. Trees would shift colors; the very air around him would sparkle. Beautiful things happen.

There was a time that Wufan could recall figments of light dancing in Joonmyun’s freshly cut hair, tiny crystalline hands weaving through each strand and caressing them until they bathed his hair in brilliant hues of gold and copper while Joonmyun smiled and smiled and smiled. Somewhere behind them a muttered “oh my God Kris-hyung your face is disgusting stop” got lost in the whirlwinds of Joonmyun’s absolute radiance and floated off to be ignored with the rest of the world. Nothing could touch him here- not with Joonmyun shining and shimmering and so so beautiful.

But Joonmyun’s smile was fading. Jongdae’s hands were reaching out to pull the older man away and the iridescent edges of complacency were twisting and molding into something black and fowl before Wufan could do anything to stop it.

The radiant crystals shattered, jagged edges hurling themselves through the air to slice open Wufan’s outstretched arms. Joonmyun’s beautiful smile twisted into a grimace of pain as tears streamed down his cheeks and cries of agony tore their way from his throat. Wufan reached out his bloody hands to pull Joonmyun back, but they passed straight through his chest without even a hint of resistance.

The light was suddenly blinding. The quiet laughter morphed into ear-shattering screams. He couldn’t see anymore- couldn’t hear- couldn’t feel. Darkness swallowed him whole and the world kept tilting and tilting and tilting until his feet lost their grip and slipped off the edge.

Joonmyun was gone.

The last of the light flashed in front of his eyes before going out completely, and suddenly Wufan was very, very alone.

Title: (Untitled)
Length: Drabble (135w)
Pairing: Luhan/Yixing
Rating: G
Genre: General

There wasn’t much else he could do- the dark hallway before him stretched on into oblivion while long, thin fingers of ice teased goosebumps onto his skin and froze his trembling feet to the non-existent floor. He saw nothing, felt nothing, was essentially nothing as he floated toward nothing and grasped for nothing with hands that shook and blurred into ink when he thought too hard about what he wanted to reach for. He didn’t know what it was, but he knew for certain that it was slowly slipping away the more he tried to get it. The sensation slipped through translucent fingers like water, muscles tightening around an increasing amount of loss and rapidly forgetting what was there to begin with.

He breathed a name that felt like air and sounded more like Yixing.

Title: Holding On
Length: Drabble (~350w)
Pairing: Kris/Suho, implied Changmin/Victoria and Baekhyun/any
Rating: PG
Genre: General

It’s not that he has feelings for Joonmyun; it’s just that the desire to feel a body in his arms, familiar weight pressing into his side and delicate hands clasping around his own waist that has him reaching for the other leader at every chance he gets. The soft curve of his side is enough to let Wufan pretend when he closes his eyes and rests his arm just above the bend of Joonmyun’s hip that he’s caressing the gentle figure of a girl- maybe even a girl back home- that in reality is too far out of his reach.

He’d tried it with Amber once before, but it resulted in too much awkward squirming on both parts and a blunt “dude what the hell” before they agreed to never talk about it again. The rest of the f(x) girls were too young to not pass as creepy beside Victoria (he didn’t feel like having Changmin’s fist meet his face any time soon), and he couldn’t even come close to mustering up the courage to try anything with his SNSD sunbaes. Besides, when were they ever around for such a thing anyway? It was only the next logical step to default to his members.

Promoting as twelve gave him a wider range of options, but with that also came new restrictions. Jongin had hips fit for a goddess, but was too tall for Wufan’s taste. Kyungsoo was too jumpy, Yixing too sensitive. Baekhyun was strictly off-limits, and Jongdae would never shut up for long enough to make it even worth the effort. But then… there was Joonmyun.

The top of his head was just the right height to tuck himself under Wufan’s jaw and for soft auburn hair to tickle his neck as the smaller man leaned into every touch without even having to think about it, warmth radiating from his skin as if he was made to be held that way. If nothing else, Wufan thinks as his arm finds itself securely fastened in the dip of Joonmyun’s side, he definitely deserves to be.

Tags: length: drabble, pairing: kris/suho, pairing: luhan/lay, rating: g, rating: pg

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