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Exo Drabble Dump

Title: Tuesday Sounds Nice
Length: Drabble (~250w)
Pairing: Kai/ Luhan
Rating: PG
Genre: Slight Angst

Jongin pauses with quivering fingers curled around the doorhandle and a lump the size of the Korean peninsula suddenly lodged in his throat. “We- It… It won’t get awkward between us after this, right Hyung?” he asks in a voice so small even he can barely hear it. Only a blurry outline of Luhan’s face graces his peripheral vision, but he knows there’s a light, beautiful smile on the other boy’s lips.

“It won’t,” Luhan affirms with a small nod before burying himself back into the pillows and disappearing from Jongin’s sight completely.


“I promise.”


It gets awkward.

Luhan promises that it’s nothing- everything is still the same- but Jongin can feel the gigantic rift that has opened up between them and pulls them in opposite directions. The long nights spent at each other’s houses turn into short, clipped conversations in Luhan’s doorway about how busy he is and sorry, maybe next time?

But next time never comes; they both knew it wouldn’t. Even at school Luhan latches on to other people and is sure to be seen with Wufan’s posse of adoring women every chance he gets. Jongin knows they’re both lying to themselves, but Luhan learns to live on without him while Jongin still struggles to keep his head above water. He faintly wonders what day it’ll be that he finally sinks beneath the waves for good and sighs to the empty seats surrounding him at the lunch table. Tuesday sounds rather nice.

Title: Maybe Next Year
Length: Drabble (~400w)
Pairing: Kris/Suho
Rating: PG
Genre: Slight Angst
A/N: Based on the Miracles in December MV and written for a prompt in exopromptmeme

Things just were, he realized as he tilted his face toward the sky, cheeks lighting up with every nip of cold that gently fell onto his skin as his grip tightened around the bright red box in his hands. The bow he’d spent almost an hour tying just right around the middle would probably be ruined by now, he knew, but he couldn’t help the way his hands shook and his nails bit into the silky fabric, unrelenting and unforgiving as the chill seeping through the flimsy sweater he couldn’t help throwing on instead of the coat he’d bought not two weeks prior; the knitted reindeer dancing across the front were beyond hideous and he was pretty certain that the threads around the elbows were saying their last goodbyes, but not wearing it would have made his heart ache more than he was willing to bear.

This is the last time, he promised himself as he pried the box from his own hand and laid it down among countless burnt-out candles, dried out and warped from age, and half-finished canvasses. One of them was fresh, he noticed when he was at eye level with the small memorial, taking in the lone candle with the embers still faintly glowing and a wisp of smoke slowly curling into the sky. There were no signs of life anywhere near the memorial- no footprints in the snow and no movement beyond the steady trickle of snowflakes coming to kiss the ground. Three years ago it wouldn’t have been unusual to find new candles flickering beside the freshly painted canvases or flowers strewn across the pavement, as vibrant and beautiful as the man they were left for. But no one had been here much since then; the shock had worn off and people had moved on with their lives. People other than Joonmyun.

Eventually the tiny ember drew the last bit of oxygen it could and disappeared with nothing more than a bend in the steady stream of smoke, the ashen plume spiraling up and up and up until it dissipated into the sky to play no more. Joonmyun’s hand left the box’s edge after smoothing down the card tucked beneath the once-perfect bow.

Maybe not this time, he whispers to no one, and turns his back on the only things of Wufan he’d allowed himself to keep.

To My Angel
I still miss you
I love you

Title: Replacement
Length: Drabble (~400w)
Pairing: Kai/Luhan, Luhan/Sehun
Rating: PG-13 for implied smut
Genre: Slight Angst


“Hmm?” the smaller boy hums noncommittally, a lazy smile still grazing his parted lips as he rubs a slick finger over the bare skin of Jongin’s chest. The elder fits snugly in the crook of Jongin’s arm, slender frame rising and falling with every sated breath he takes.

It’s almost like a dream the way the contours of Luhan’s body press loosely against his own and his heated skin sets small fires dancing across Jongin’s nerves. He can curl his arms around Luhan’s waist and suck marks onto his neck and press bruising fingers into Luhan in this dream; he can possess- own whatever he wants and not have to hide or defend himself from anyone because here there are no rules. Here… here he can kiss Luhan’s forehead without shame and pretend that things could always be this way so strongly that he starts to believe it, heart searing with so much emotion that he can’t even bring himself to open his mouth again to ask his own question. Why ruin things with words anyway? It’s not like-


The elder had changed positions without Jongin noticing, now lying on his side with his head pillowed heavily on one of Jongin’s shoulders. His smile had fallen away, but swollen lips still grazed the other’s pulse as he spoke.

“You can’t replace him Jongin,” he whispered, voice eerily calm for the weight his words carried. “You never will.”

It’s then that Jongin truly wakes up. The slowing pulse beneath his fingertips becomes real again and he knows he has to stop pretending now. It’s over.

“I know,” he admits in a puff of air that ruffles the soft brown bangs tickling his nose. The strands sway gently and it’s as if time momentarily slows down again as the last of his dreams flutter away through fields of shining copper and imagined promises.

Eventually Luhan falls asleep with cold toes pressed into Jongin’s calf and the younger man tries to pretend again- tries to slip back into the illusion that was so easy to hold on to when Luhan had been gasping out his name and painting claw marks onto his back- but it’s too far gone now and he can’t go back.

Still, he presses soft lips to the other’s forehead as the body in his arms sighs and curls into him with a smile that only dreams of someone else could put there.

Tags: fandom: exo, fanfic, length: drabble, pairing: kai/luhan, pairing: kris/suho, pairing: luhan/sehun

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