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Hi Everyone ^^;

It's been…. a really long time, right? Unfortunately my unplanned hiatus does not end with particularly good news, and I want to let you all know that I have more or less discontinued Hello and Letters From War for multiple reasons ((not really sure if anyone was even still waiting after this long regardless)). First and foremost, I have all but lost inspiration for both of them and Hello honestly just hurts me now with how horribly off and wrong I've been with pretty much all of it. After taking classes and having experiences with people who struggle with some of the things I've brought up in Hello, I've realized that most of my self-research has been in vain and I took more artistic liberty than I can be comfortable with anymore. I knew that it might end up this way when I started this, but I never imagined that it would bother me nearly as much as it does. As for LFW, I just don't have the will to finish.

Both fics are completely finished in my head, so I might one day post abridged versions of what I wanted to happen, but that will be a long time in the making. School has also been eating most of my time since I'm a premed student, so I honestly haven't written anything more than a few short drabbles in the past year or so. I'm really sorry to have to say all of this, but it needs to be done for those of you that were still hanging on. I am honestly and truly sorry.

With all that said though, I have found quite a bit of inspiration in EXO, and those few drabbles are mostly for them ((with a few SuJu ones i think?)). I'll be posting them every now and then, but for now I won't be committing myself to anything longer than a short multi-shot at best.

If any of you really want to know the ending to either LFW or Hello, I can offer you a summary of what I wanted to happen and a few written-out pieces for the end. If you want them, just drop me a message, and I'll be more than happy to give that to you. I told a friend of mine that if I leave anything untouched for two years, that I will tell her the ending and everything else I had for it, so I figured that I should extend the same offer to all of you, even though Hello hasn't quite hit the two-year mark yet. You can't even imagine how sorry I am about having to say this, so I feel that it's the least I can do <3

I still love all of you guys and appreciate you all for your support and for sticking with me for so long, but now I'm shifting gears a bit and carrying on with what gives me inspiration now. Welcome to my new era of shame: EXO
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