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well, this is freakishly long overdue, but here it is anyway. it just came to me out of nowhere ((long after i finished watching PTB)) and i wrote it in about 30 minutes :| it's been burning a hole in my flashdrive for a few months now and i'm honestly not sure why i didn't post it earlier. i just didn't.

Title: Cheap Replacement
Length: One-shot
Pairing: Jaejoong/Jisung, YunJae
Rating: R
Genre: Angst, smut
Summary: Even when he's with Jisung, Jaejoong can't help thinking of someone else.
Author's Note: the title isn't implying that i think jiseong is cheap in any way. i love him hardcore

There are no second thoughts.

All it took was working together, filming together, fighting and rolling around on the floor together for Jaejoong to find a hand on his half hard cock and Jiseong’s breath on his lips whispering more more more.

From the beginning fans said that you would look good together, and they were right: you fit together better than missing puzzle pieces and Jiseong’s lips feel heavenly against your naked skin as you tumble into his bed, script forgotten somewhere on the floor and clothes forgotten not long after.

He breathes out how good you look- how that scene will be impossible to get right on the first take without jumping each other in front of Kanghee and hundreds of cameras.

You agree with a breathless moan and thread fingers through his hair. Use that pretty mouth of yours for something better.

The foreplay comes easy because you’re familiar with it. So familiar, even though it’s different from getting off while rolling in the sheets with Yoochun or pounding out your frustrations with Junsu. With Jiseong… it’s natural. Something you haven’t felt for a really long time.

His hands are strong as they turn you the way he wants and his voice caresses you with pure bass vibrations, heated lips trailing down your spine. He asks if this is your first time and of course you answer no, but it’s been a while.

The first intrusions hurt before they start to feel good enough to make you feel a loss. You beg for more- practically scream for it- and he gives it to you with only teasing hesitation. The slide is easy and he lays gentle kisses all over your skin to make it better, but that’s when you start to lose sight of who you’re with.

Jiseong fucks you good and you know it; the deep slide and pressure in all the right places is all you can ask for, but somehow it’s not enough. Jiseong’s face doesn’t fit the part anymore, and it stops pushing your towards the edge.

Somewhere along the line fake moans infiltrate the real ones and take over, but his pace is getting erratic and you’re hyper-aware of the fact that you aren’t a woman- you don’t quite have the luxury of being able to fake it like they do.

His grip on your thighs tightens with each exhale of your name Jaejoong-ah, fuck, Jae and even though his voice isn’t quite the right pitch, it’s close enough for your mind to start wandering into forbidden territory. Jiseong’s face fades, and once it’s replaced, you feel the spark again. The burn of longing and the desire to please well up inside of you, forcing his name from your lips as your orgasm hits you hard and your come stains Jiseong’s stilling hand. Yunho~

It takes a while after the stars stop exploding behind your eyes and your breath catches up to your racing heart for you to realize that Jiseong’s stopped moving completely. His lips are silent. Your body is empty.

When you find the strength to turn and rise up on your elbows, his eyes are cold- betrayed.

Jiseong I’m s-

It’s fine.

Even though the sweat running into your eyes makes the world slightly blurry, it’s plain to see that while his lips say one thing, his face says another and it most definitely is not fine.

You know you blew it. You had a shot to move forward and get on with your life, but you blew it all to hell and back because he just will not leave you alone.

Some far-back part of your brain registers that Jiseong told you he was going to take a shower. Another tells you to nod, and yet another takes that as your cue to leave, but you don’t. You can’t.

It’s not until he returns that you can move at all, and you walk right through his longing gaze as you put your clothes on on autopilot.

You take out your phone as you walk down the stairs and dial the only number you can.



A/N: i know i changed POV after the first paragraph. it was intentional. and i probably changed tenses somewhere, probably even multiple times. it's unedited.
A/N2: plus i'm reformatting some stuff because i got annoyed with myself. not sure if it'll stick

Tags: genre: angst, length: one-shot, pairing: jaejoong/jisung, pairing: yunjae, rating: r

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