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Title: Letters From War
Length: [5/?]
Author: HolyStarDown
Pairing: Yunjae, Yoosu, Teukchul
Rating: Overall NC-17 
Genre: Romance, angst, drama
Disclaimer: i only own them in my dreams
Summary: In the breaking point of the Korean war, two brothers get drafted into the military and forced to fight for the lives. literally. punishment in camp 409 is just as unforgiving as its officers. attraction? frowned upon. affection? unheard of. love? strickly forbidden. But the training camp they thought they knew gets turned upside down when six of them decide to leave no rule left unbroken
Author's Note: obviously i didn't live in the 1950's and certainly was not in Korea during the Korean war, so some of the details are going to be inacurate... just bear with me :]


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

This be Chapter 4 :]


Yunho finally managed to pull himself away from Jaejoong, but the hand twisted in his hair refused to let go. He couldn’t quite make sense of the world yet; it had just been flipped upside down in the most unexpected way possible. The cherry lips he was staring at were slightly swollen from their intense kiss, only making them look more inviting than before. But the sound of someone clearing their throat made him refrain from going at it again. He turned to Changmin with a cocky grin. “So, is that it for his punishment?”


Changmin struggled to keep his smile at bay. “I think leaving before the party’s over is the worst of it,” he said, nodding toward Jaejoong, who quickly crossed his legs and blushed furiously.


Leeteuk quickly intervened. “Yes that’s cute and all but now we have to figure out what I’m going to say to Heechul that won’t get us all killed.” Of course, he didn’t mean it literally. He witnessed the Daeryeong’s opinion about murder first hand every time their camp was invaded and his officers or trainees were killed by the northern army. His abhorrence of one human killing another was the reason why he decided to move up in the training camp ranks instead of going to combat.


Changmin clicked his tongue before stepping toward Jaejoong with his arms crossed. He released one arm from his own hold and patted the trainee’s head. “We have to take care of Jaejoong-ah first.”


“He’s a trainee Changmin, not our friend,” Leeteuk said, slightly narrowing his eyes.


Changmin grinned at his fellow Jungnyeong. “Who said trainees and officers can’t be friends Teukie-ah?”


Leeteuk winced at his nickname. Only one person was allowed to call him that- the one person who never would again. He glared at Changmin and nearly spat out his next words. “Shut up alright?” He focused his cold stare on Jaejoong and took the trainee’s chin tightly between his fingers, leaning in until their faces were only inches apart. Although he was unsure if the rule still applied when the culprit hadn’t served the full twenty four hours in the chambers, he decided it was best to give the command just in case. “You cannot tell anyone about what happened to you today,” he said in a cold, low voice. “Not what happened in the chambers and certainly not what happened afterwards. Do you understand?” Intimidating a trainee was a much better method of venting his momentary anger than beating a certain Jungnyeong to a bloody pulp.


Jaejoong nodded slowly. He had barely heard what the officer was saying, but some part of his mind told him that nodding was a good thing to do at the time.


Leeteuk donned his new trainee smile and released Jaejoong. “Good. Now, go to the Mess Hall immediately,” he commanded over-sweetly.


Jaejoong rose to his feet, unsure of where exactly anything was anymore. His mind was reeling at a million miles an hour and he was still partially in a daze from Yunho’s heated kiss. When he had heard Leeteuk’s rule on homosexuality, he was positive that he wouldn’t fall for anyone in the camp- yet here he was, wanting another taste of Yunho’s lips so badly it almost hurt. He felt Leeteuk’s eyes burning holes into his skin, so he forced himself to tear his gaze away from Yunho and exit the Jungnyeong’s room in a daze. He wasn’t supposed to tell anyone what happened, but he wondered what they would do to him if he did. Would they physically torture him? Would they send him back to the chambers? Or would they give him… this type of punishment again? Jaejoong couldn’t hold back his smile as he relived the sensation of Yunho’s lips against him.


Yunho followed Jaejoong with his eyes until he left the room. He flicked his tongue out and quickly ran it over his lips, salvaging the last of Jaejoong’s sweet taste. He returned his gaze to Changmin after the trainee was out of sight. “Why did you do that?” he asked in a failed attempt to sound angry.


Changmin grinned. “I thought you needed a little action Hyung. You’ve been too stiff lately. Besides, we both agreed that he was hot.”


“I never agreed to that!” Yunho protested.


“You were thinking it though,” Changmin said, his grin widening further. He wrapped his arms around Leeteuk from behind and rested his chin on the Jungnyeong’s shoulder. “Don’t you agree with me Leeteuk?”


Leeteuk shrugged out of Changmin’s hold, his face stone cold. “Stop it. We seriously need to think of what to tell Heechul.”


Changmin rolled his eyes. “We ruffed him up a bit. We insulted him. We picked on how girly he looked. It’s really not that hard.”


“And you think any of that would be good enough? Get real.” Leeteuk snapped.


The two Jungnyeongs bickered about their plan while Yunho let his mind wander. He did agree with his dongsaeng that he was too stiff, and now that his little plan was over, he was craving more. All worries were slowly pushed into the back of his mind, all replaced by Jaejoong.




Junsu nearly passed out when he saw Jaejoong walk through the Mess Hall’s front doors. He resisted the urge to shove his chair back and run toward his brother at full speed, not entirely sure whether he wanted to hug or strangle him. In the end, he refrained from doing both and stayed painfully frozen in place. He stiffly waved at Jaejoong, who sat beside his brother without looking at him. “Where have you been??” Junsu hissed when Jaejoong sat down.


Jaejoong bit his lip lightly and stared at the table, silently debating whether he should listen to the officers or do what his mind was nagging at him to and tell Junsu everything. A pair of watchful, smoldering brown eyes kept him silent. Jaejoong raised his gaze to the person sitting across from his brother and gave him a very short forced smile before returning his gaze to the table. “Don’t worry about it Su…” he muttered.


Junsu narrowed his eyes. “Don’t worry? I was worried sick all night! Why didn't you come back?” Junsu hissed. He leaned closer to Jaejoong, his face softening into concern. “Did you get caught?” he asked in a voice barely loud enough to be called a whisper.


Jaejoong went into a silent debate again. He wanted to tell Junsu, but he didn’t want the person across from them to even have a chance to hear. That, and he was worried that the officers would somehow find out if he broke another rule. So in the end, he just shook his head. “Don’t worry about it Su,” he repeated.


Yoochun had been doing two things that entire day that made him glad that he didn’t have a one track mind; he had been watching his bunkmate’s every expression very carefully and making quick calculations about each one. Shocked Junsu he deemed adorable, and it would be slightly difficult to resist. Depressed Junsu he deemed horrible, and he would prevent ever having to see it again in any way he could. Focused and frustrated Junsu he deemed very cute, and again, slightly difficult to resist. Exhausted and sweating Junsu: sexy beyond all reason and nearly impossible to resist. The last observation was the only thing that made Yoochun think the ridiculous training and endless drills were worth doing every day. Even now he was summing up Junsu’s expression. Irritated Junsu was a little intimidating, but he knew he could have fun with that one. He also saw a flash of disappointment, but he lost it when that face of disappointment broke into a pout. He stared at Junsu with wide eyes as all other thought flew out the window. This new expression he knew he wouldn’t be able to resist at all.


The rest of their short lunch went by with little conversation between the three trainees. At the end of lunch, officers rushed down the isles, yelling and herding the trainees back out onto the training fields. Jaejoong stuck close to Junsu’s side and followed every action that his brother did, hoping that he was doing what they were supposed to. They ended up standing in a stiff line facing the empty training field.


Yunho and Changmin parted ways with Leeteuk and sped to the fields with Changmin babbling the entire way. “You know Hyung, you really should be thanking me for that. I gave up my lunch to do it!”


“I didn’t ask you to force me to make out with a trainee,” Yunho hissed. He refused to give his dongsaeng bragging rights for being correct about Yunho’s subconscious attraction to Jaejoong; at this point Changmin’s smug grin might just make him sick. He was still used to being asleep all day like he had on his week long mini-vacation, and the lack of sleep today was catching up to him now that the energy rush from earlier was wearing off. He wasn’t looking forward to doing any more drills or teaching any more strategies. All I want to do is sleep… with Jaejoong… and- WOAH! Yunho stopped dead in his tracks and stared straight forward with bug eyes.


Changmin stopped also when he noticed Yunho was no longer by his side. He turned his head and raised an eyebrow. “What’s wrong Hyung?” he asked.


Yunho opened his mouth for a second but decided to close it again, realizing that he didn’t trust what might come out of it. He just shook his head and continued walking. When the officers reached the field, Yunho’s Soryeong mentality took over. His face hardened and he briskly walked in front of the line of trainees, giving each one a harsh glare. All except one of course. He pointedly avoided looking at Jaejoong as he breezed past the trainees, not wanting to glare at that particular person.


The small gesture went unnoticed by everyone… except Changmin. He couldn’t fight back a grin when the Soryeong made his way back to him. He only got an intensified glare in return, but didn’t expect any different. He sauntered past Yunho, giving him a brief wink and turned to face the trainees when he reached the middle of the line. “Does anyone here have any skills in any type of martial arts?” Changmin asked, scanning the line with a smile still on his lips.


Junsu dared to give Jaejoong a slight nudge with his elbow with his eyes still fixed on the officer a little to their left.


Changmin caught the gesture out of the corner of his eye. “Anyone?” he asked again, raising an eyebrow and looking at the Kim twins. When he got no response for the second time, he sighed and continued to walk back and forth in front of the line. “Well, since apparently none of you have any knowledge in that area, we’ll have a long day ahead of us.” He brushed his bangs out of his eyes before crossing his arms behind his back and glancing at Jaejoong. “You. Come here.”


Jaejoong’s eyes widened and he stayed frozen in his spot. “M-me?” he stuttered. He forced his legs to move him forward when the Jungnyeong nodded and stopped in front of the officer.


Changmin grinned at the trainee. “Aren’t you lucky? You get to be my example for today.”


Yunho stared at Changmin incredulously. He had seen the younger use trainees for hand-to-hand combat examples before and, although he wasn’t the strongest in that field, none of them walked away without an injury. Yunho took a step forward and was about to intervene when he noticed Changmin’s hand waving at him from behind his back. So the brat knows exactly what he’s doing does he? Yunho thought with a light huff. Despite it all, he trusted Changmin and just watched.


Changmin scanned Jaejoong from head to toe and back again while explaining to the rest of the trainees. “Sometimes in combat, you are left without a gun or a sword or any other kind of weapon. God forbid that ever happen, since probably all of you would be screwed in that situation. But, just in case it does happen, you need to be trained to fight with just your body- preferably your arms and legs.” Changmin raised his hands and faced his palms toward the trainees. “These can be your most lethal weapons if you know how to use them correctly.” Without warning, Changmin whipped his head around, launched his hand to clamp around Jaejoong’s wrist, and twisted Jaejoong’s arm around his back into a nearly unbreakable hold.


Jaejoong gasped at the sudden movement and all of his muscles tensed under the Jungnyeong’s hold. He knew exactly what to do in a situation like this but he didn’t want to possibly show up his superior, especially not the one who had showed him a minor form of mercy, so he held perfectly still.


Junsu’s hand unconsciously latched onto the person’s beside him. He had watched Jaejoong practice his martial arts for years, and was amazed that Changmin could catch him like that so easily. Not putting any restraints on his thought this time, his mind wandered to worse possibilities. Maybe Jaejoong had forgotten everything in the past two days. Maybe Changmin was just that good. Maybe Jaejoong was too scared to react like he would normally. Maybe… just maybe… Changmin was a super mutant alien who had more strength than all of them put together and could only be killed by bananas. Like I said; he put no restraint on his thoughts.


Yoochun jumped slightly when he felt a small hand take his fingers in a vice grip that slowly became tighter and tighter. He let himself shoot a small glance at Junsu who was staring at Jaejoong and Changmin with wide eyes. After a few seconds, that expression deepened to one of pure horror and sharp nails dug into his skin. He returned his gaze to Jaejoong and Changmin, only to wander back to his and Junsu’s hands together. It doesn’t look like anything bad is going to happen… Jaejoong looks fine and that officer… well… he just doesn’t look very threatening, Yoochun thought. But he had to admit, the look on Junsu’s face as he muttered “not bananas” was horribly adorable. Ignoring the pain now throbbing up his entire left arm, he wrapped his fingers around the younger’s and slowly stroked Junsu’s white knuckles with his thumb.


Changmin raised an eyebrow and ran his tongue over the front of his teeth. He was expecting Jaejoong to react; retaliate or something other than just let him take control like that. He had to admit, it made him a little disappointed. He let Jaejoong go and gave him a slight shove forward. “Face me,” he commanded, narrowing his eyes in a fake glare and Jaejoong obeyed. Changmin just waited. After a few moments, he shifted his weight and swung his leg at Jaejoong’s face.


Without a second’s thought, Jaejoong ducked under Changmin’s leg and stuck out his own, quickly dragging it in a circle over the ground and making contact with the Jungnyeong’s ankle- all happening in a split second.


Changmin and the others didn’t even realize what happened until Jaejoong was already standing straight up again and Changmin was staring at the sky with wide eyes and a gasp caught in his throat. Even in the open air, the tension was thick enough to make even Yunho squirm in anticipation. Another long silence passed, but was shattered by Changmin’s laughter. He sat up and wrapped his arms around his stomach, closing one eye more than the other. When his full-hearted laughter was reduced to soft chuckles, he stood up and smiled. “So you can fight,” he stated.


Jaejoong nodded stiffly.


Changmin grinned yet again. “Then fight me for real. Some people learn better through examples after all.”


Yunho was completely dumbstruck. He stared at the scene with his mouth hanging open and unaware of anything else. Yoochun was slightly less surprised, and Junsu held a smug grin on his lips. He knew what his twin was capable of, and that Changmin would regret his quest in a matter of minutes; possibly less.


Jaejoong hesitated with taking the first move, trying to be certain that the Jungnyeong was serious about wanting to fight and that it wasn’t just some trick to get him into further trouble. He wasn’t left very long to mingle with his thoughts before Changmin took a step forward, thrusting his hands out toward Jaejoong’s stomach. Jaejoong easily caught the officer’s wrist, stepped to the side, used Changmin’s own force to keep him going forward and threw the latter to the ground. Changmin quickly got up and went for Jaejoong again, but just like before, the move was dodged and Changmin ended up on the ground.


The fight continued that way for several minutes, eventually drawing cheers from the trainees and several on looking officers. Yunho was the only one to remain silent throughout the fight. But in his mind, he was screaming curses at Changmin every time he took a swing at Jaejoong and screamed in victory when Jaejoong evaded it every time.


It was finally over; Changmin stayed on the ground with his eyes closed and hand in the air while Jaejoong remained standing, breathing a little heavily. “That was amazing,” Changmin commented when he slowly got to his feet, wincing slightly at the pain shooting through his arm. “I’ve never lost to a trainee before. I don’t think any officer has…” With that, he shifted his gaze to stare at Yunho, who just-so-happened to be the best no weapon fighter in the camp.


“No,” Yunho said sharply, immediately understanding the Jungnyeong’s intentions.


Changmin crossed his arms and clicked his tongue. “You aren’t afraid this Ideungbyeong will win, are you?”


Yunho hesitated before he answered. “I’m not going to fight anyone just to regain your hurt dignity.” But of course both he and Changmin knew how much of a lie that was. 


“It wouldn’t be just to regain my dignity. I think you should show our trainees just how strong we are. Well, you are.” Changmin flashed Yunho another grin and only got a glare in return.


Yunho sighed through clenched teeth. Sometimes he had to wonder how his dongsaeng ever managed to get the ranking of Jungnyeong when he was only a Soryeong. “I don’t think it’s necessary.”


“Soryeong Jung, I order you to fight him.” Yunho’s wide eyes met Changmin’s command. It was extremely rare for Changmin to exert his superiority on his best friend, and Yunho was always amazed when he did.


Yunho narrowed his eyes and stepped toward Changmin. “Sir yes sir,” he said in a low, deathly cold tone. He passed Changmin and stood in front of Jaejoong, his glare still in place. The crowd around them was silent and the tension began to rise yet again as Yunho and Jaejoong stared at each other, both reluctant to fight but neither willing to refuse.


Heechul: Daeryeong ((American equal is colonel))
Changmin: Jungnyeong ((American equal is lieutenant colonel))
Leeteuk: Jungnyeong ((American equal is lieutenant colonel))
Dongwook: Jungnyeong ((American equal is lieutenant colonel))
Yunho: Soryeong ((American equal is major))
Yoochun: Sangdeungbyeong ((American equal is corporal))
Donghae: Sangdeungbyeong ((American equal is corporal))
Jaejoong: Ideungbyeong ((American equal is private))
Junsu: Ideungbyeong ((American equal is private))

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