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ok, so i don't exactly have an update for you guys this time, but it is coming soon, i swear :] ((prepare yourselves for when it does though. i'm sure you'll like what you see ;3))

what i do have is a drawing i did a few weeks ago that black_prophet reminded me of, and since it's relevant to some of your interests, i thought i would post it here :] not to mention i'm endlessly proud of it because OMG i have never done something like this before.

anyone guess who it is even though the hair makes it obvious?




so here they are :D the only difference between the three is the lighting i took the picture in ((the last is my favorite since i got to play with the contrast and brightness on the computer, and that made most of my shading actually show up)) but yes ^^ i'm so proud of it <3 i seriously have NO idea how i pulled it off, but i'm so glad i did *gushes and feels narcissistic* let me have my moment, ok? D:

anyway, this was my reference pic, and i won't even tell you how long it took me to finish. just know that there were a lot of headdesks involved.

as far as updates go, i'm not sure the exact day when i'll be able to finish the new chapter of hello, but it'll probably be a few weeks from now. one week at the very least :3 it's a good chapter though ((imo)) and there's a treat at the end i think y'all will like for once ;]
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