HolyStarDown (holystardown) wrote,

hello update information


don't freak out yet, this isn't ((necessarily)) bad news :D
there are a couple things that i would like for yall to know actually, and the most important is that the new chapter of hello is FINALLY coming along. after a month of writers block stalking the hell out of me, someone decided to beat it up and reunite me with my muse <3 today alone i've gotten two pages written after a month of absolutely nothing

so! with that being said, the chapter is about halfway done ((i had a bit written before my muse got scared away)) but it is going to be a loooooooooooongass chapter. filled with angst, fluff, and then a bit more angst, and a little more fluff . plus other things of course :3 the new character WILL be in it ((writing their part right now ;])) and so will yunho's plan, so look forward to it ^^

hopefully i will have the new chapter up by christmas, and if not, new years at least
i know it's taking a long time and for that i'm sorry, but i'm trying. i promise <3
don't lose faith in me yet!

i love you all <3

oh! and just a little extra special tidbit.... all of hello's chapters have broken 1000 hits ;~; <33333
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