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like the title says, i'm in a FREAKISHLY good mood today ((ignore the fact that i failed my math test)) and i am therefor giving you a TRIPLE update :D one chapter from hello, one decently old oneshot, and part one of LETTERS FROM MOTHER FUCKING WAR CHAPTER 20. oh i know, i'm excited too :]

granted, the LFW update isn't very long, nor is it very important, but! it's something. writer's block has been eating me alive for the past few months, but i managed to squeeze the first part of the chapter out and felt like i shouldn't make you wait any longer for it. the hello update will make you all shit birx and possibly shoot me ((*coughthenextfewchaptersareworsecough*)) :] the oneshot is... well it was me in my emo mood, k? the world needs some more fucking HoChul anyway ((yunchul?))

maybe you're asking why i'm in such a good mood? WELLLLL, i got some LFW written, which made me really happy after struggling with it for so long, my depression has gone away, taemin is <3, eunhae have sex on stage in SS3, the first three chapters of hello have broken 1000 hits <33333 ((ch1 has almost hit 2000 ;~;)) and the other three are not far behind the 1000 mark. i wish i could thank every single one of you personally, but... well... that would take me a very long time lol so i'll just say it here: THANK YOU SO MUCH! I LOVE YOU ALL <3

AND now that you've lived through that ^, here is your update :]

Title: Crash
Length: Drabble
Author: HolyStarDown
Pairing: HeechulxYunho (friendship), implied YunJae and HanChul
Rating: PG-13 for language 
Genre: Angst
Disclaimer: if i owned them i would be posting HD movies, not fics
Summary: Heechul knows that everything is falling apart, he just doesn't know how to stop it
Author's Note: it's not my best, but i wrote it to get out of my writer's block and when i was feeling the suju angst

“We’re falling apart too Yunho.”


The leader of Dong Bang Shin Ki (former leader something in the back of his mind hisses at him) doesn’t know how to react to such a strange greeting, but takes a sip of the wine he brought out for his night alone and goes along with it anyway. “What are you talking about Heechul hyung?” Yunho’s not sure why, but the wine tastes a lot more bitter than he remembered.


He hears a long pause followed by the rustling of sheets before Heechul’s voice comes out again. “Super Junior. We’re falling apart just like you did,” the elder man whispers through the line. He sounds distant, hopeless, defeated, and Yunho decides that he doesn’t like it at all.


“That’s not true Hyung,” Yunho tries to explain. “Have you heard anything about yourselves lately? Your Bonamana and No Other promotions were a huge success, Super Show 3 tickets are sold out for every city, and hell, your fans practically built monuments to Lady Hee Hee. I don’t see what you could possibly be-”


“I don’t give a damn about any of that Jung Yunho,” Heechul grinds out amidst a sob Yunho’s only heard very few times before. “If we’re doing so fine, why the hell is Hankyung off being a fucking super star on his own in fucking China without us? Why the hell is Youngwoon off saving the world while we’re dancing around in women’s clothing and vegetable suits? And where the fuck is Kibummie, huh? That’s the kind of stuff that matters Yunho, and none of it is right.” The elder man’s ranting was littered with sniffs and choked out words, and Yunho just knew that Heechul’s bedroom floor was probably littered with bottles of Hangeng’s favorite brand of soju. “I hate this Yunho… I really fucking hate this…”


Yunho gripped his cell phone tighter and found that he couldn’t even look at his wine any more (something in the back of his mind told him that it was Jaejoong’s favorite too.) He wants to say he’s sorry for something that isn’t his fault- wants to be the one to ease his hyung’s pain when he knows it isn’t his place.


All he can do is offer a soft “I know,” and listen to Heechul’s sobs until the sun starts to rise again and the only thing coming from the other line is the deep breathing of something too broken for him to ever repair.


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