October 14th, 2010

because the next chapter of hello is done...

and i don't want to post it yet *runs away*

i still need it looked at by a few of my friends and i need to clean it a bit, so it'll be a little while before i'm satisfied enough to post it. that, and i MIGHT combine it with a bit of the next chapter ((this one got so long that the event y'all will shoot me for only got introduced in passing and the new character hasn't made their entrance yet like i'd expected him to. fml.))

i stole this from a meme acutally, but i just wanted to answer them as regular questions all at once ((Because i'm lazy like that)) and i'm curious about what y'all will answer :] maybe i'll learn something new

1. Your favourite K-pop guy group.
hmm... DBSK and suju have been decking it out lately as far as my favorite. musically, i like dbsk better, but suju has a lot more variety ((i mean 15 people. come on <3)) and they are able to show a lot more personality... i think i'd have to say dbsk :3

2. Your favourite K-pop girl group 
f(x)! i love that they're closer to my age and they're... idk. different from other girl groups somehow

3. Your ultimate K-pop guy bias
jaejoong <3 forever and for always
((non ultimant changes all the time though, and it's currently zhou mi <3))

4. Your ultimate K-pop girl bias
amber! she's the main reason i started listening to girl groups at all; tomboys like myself that don't piss me off are hard to come by in celebrity world 

5. Your favourite K-pop song from your favourite guy group:
oh shit.... make me choose.... Always There (Acapella version) it reminds me just how beautiful their voices are together every.time.

6. Your favourite k-pop song from your favourite girl group:
Nu-Abo by f(x) ._. i'm a conformist like that

7. A K-pop song that makes you cry.
not exactly k-pop, but it's by tohoshinki: bolero. it had me bawling like an idiot ;~;

8. A K-pop song that you know all the words to:
balloons by dbsk :D i got that shit DOWN~ ((and most of my friends know the words because of me too xD))

9. Your favouritek-pop performance:
when the audience sang marry U to super junior during their concert <3 it was so sweet and i may or may not love the fact that they cried all over the place

10. Your favourite K-pop dance
genie by snsd, just because i loved seeing suju do it in military uniform

11.Your favourite K-pop boy music video:
lucifer by shinee because, um, hello? taemin <3

12. Your favourite K-pop girl music video
gee by snsd because i always thought mannequins came alive at night when i was little
oh. and minho's in it :]

13. The very first K-pop song you ever heard
rising sun by dbsk :3 i was gone ever since <3

14. A k-pop group you dislike and why
wonder girls. i really don't know why, they just annoy the hell out of me. girl groups in general do actually

15. A k-pop song that makes you smile
rokkugo by suju T and just about anything by suju H

16. Your favourite K-pop fanvid
not really a fanvid, but as close as it gets to me watching one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwsDyXBPakg

17. Your favourite K-pop lyric (and a translation)
machi neonnareul guwonhake bonaejin geol
It’s as though you were sent to save me

18. A K-pop idol you wish was your older sibling
jinki :3 that would just be shitloads of fun

19. A K-pop idol you wish was your younger sibling
taemin or sulli

20. Your favourite interview of a k-pop idol or group
i'll let you know when i track one down that i can remember ._.

21. Your favourite picture of your guy K-pop bias


beauty at it's finest my friends

22. Your favourite picture of your girl k-pop bias

not just her, but i love it to pieces x3

23. Your favourite picture of your favourite k-pop group

ignore that it looks like jaejoong is wearing a lacey bra ._.

24. Other K-pop groups you like
big bang, and the rest are solo artist but they aren't groups so... yeah

25. Your favourite cover of a k-pop song by another k-pop artist
gee by super junior :]

27. Your favourite dance battle
thiss'n right here

28. your favourite cover of an American song by a k-pop artist

can't decide between "it's raining men" by changmin and jae or "i have nothing" by JYJ
one's beautiful, the other made me lol so hard i cried ((and it made my life <3))

29. A k-pop song you never get tired of
Triangle by dbsk

30. A k-pop idol that has amazing eye smiles
donghae <3

um also, letters from war is continuing to go mowhere :/ i'd put it on hiatus, but if i do that i know i'll never take it off so! just bear with me <3 i'm trying