September 12th, 2010

addition to my LFW post

i also meant to post this when i put up my Letters From War update, but i completely forgot about it in my rush to get out of the house x_X
anyway, my lovely agapekamisama made some graphics for me for the fic. she does amazing work, especially considering what she was given to work with <3 there are more on the way from her too, we just have no idea when they'll be finished lol. apparently this fic has been killing her muse as much as it has mine, but if you could drop a comment to tell us what you think, it would be an excellent motivator for the both of us <33

oh! and the next chapter of hello is finished, i just have to decide when to put it up. lack of comments push the date backwards, just so you know ;]

the banner:
graphic from kayla 

Collapse )

i give a million thanks to my kayla for doing them for me <333
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