July 17th, 2010

He Does

oh yes, i'm back from my trip and excited as hell :] i'm sorry i told a few of you that i would be posting yesterday, but my biffle came over and i got distracted <3 anyway! i come back to you with not just ONE, not just a DOUBLE UPDATE, oh no and not even a TRIPLE UPDATE, but i come back bearing FOUR. BRAND. NEW. UPDATES. YES FOUR. that means TWO brand spankin new chapters from Hello,  and two brand new oneshots ((this is the second one)) :] why so many? two things: one, i came back to 23  new comments :D ((yall know who you are and i thank you to no end <3)) and two, i had a LOT of inspiration over my break. i wrote more oneshots actually, but those will come if i get stuck and haven't posted anytihng for a while. anyway, enjoy~ :D 

Title: He Does 
Length: One-shot
Author: HolyStarDown
Pairing: Yunjae, JaeMin friendship 
Rating: PG
Genre: Tiny bit of angst and fluff
Disclaimer:  If i owned them i would be posting HD videos, not fics
Summary: Fights between them are unavoidable, but sometimes they go too far 
Author's Note: Sorry i forgot to post this yesterday ^^;; it was all written on my itouch in the car so... i'm pretty happy at how this turned out :]

It always happened this way; the two of them would fight and afterwards, after all the lights had gone out and the others had gone to bed, Changmin would always crawl into his bed and curl up next to him, kissing his neck and whispering pointless apologies.

Jaejoong didn't understand why this time was any different. All he remembered was that somewhere among the screaming and yelling Changmin had said something that made them all go quiet, instant guilt had appeared on the magnae's face, and the insult wasn't repeated again like they normally were; the fight had ended there and Jaejoong had walked out of the room.

Even now as Yoochun lay in the bed beside him, arm outstretched as if reaching for him, Jaejoong couldn't remember what Changmin had said that made him so angry- angry enough to slap the boy in front of all of them. The only thing that mattered was that Changmin wasn't there to apologize. Or in this case, to be apologized to.

For hours the ceiling held Jaejoong’s aimless gaze, little pictures coming to life in the stupid patterns that all looked strangely like deer being chased and eaten by lions. He couldn't sleep- not until he heard his voice.


The bed finally dipped beside him and Jaejoong felt his heart sting.

"Hyung I'm sorry. I didn't mean it."

"I don't care," he answered to the lions as a head rested on his chest and fingers twisted themselves in his shirt.

"I shouldn't have said it. You deserved to hit me," the younger continued as if he hadn't heard. Maybe he didn’t.

"I don't even remember what you said," Jaejoong tried again. It was ignored.

"He does love you hyung. Really, he does."

And then it all came flooding back: the two had been yelling in the kitchen for a good twenty minutes when Junsu got back from visiting his brother, and the other two members were currently trying to break the fighting men up. He stood behind Changmin with Yunho as Jaejoong unleashed another verbal attack on their youngest, face guarded, but no one was prepared for Changmin’s retaliation.

"What the hell are you blaming ME for, huh?? It's not MY fault! He doesn't love you anyway!"

Jaejoong had slapped the magnae then, his hand moving out in fury as the others fell silent around them. He vaguely heard Changmin calling to him afterwards, looking for atonement as Jaejoong stormed off and into his room where he would stay for the rest of the night.

He remembered that he cried, remembered that the other three (including Yunho) had all come to his door in attempt to speak with him, remembered that he drove them all away until Yoochun slipped his way in to sleep for the night. None of that made him hate himself any less.

"I don't care if he loves me or not Changmin," Jaejoong muttered, finally realizing the difference between speaking in his mind and saying things out loud. Changmin gripped his shirt tighter.

"He does hyung. I promise you, he does."

The eldest then found it in himself to lower his gaze from the ceiling, first to Changmin at his side and second to the head of tousled black hair at the foot if his bed. Judging by how much the younger man's mouth and eyes were open and the amount of drool pooled up at his feet, Yunho had probably been there for hours. Jaejoong only got to wonder how he hadn't noticed for a few seconds before Changmin began to speak again.

"He really does love you hyung," the boy repeated softly. "I'm sorry."

Jaejoong said nothing in return, instead choosing to wrap an arm around his dongsaeng and hold the boy close as his foot nudged Yunho’s drooling form away.

He does love you hyung.

He does...

He does...

He does...


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