June 6th, 2010

a yewook fic? :O

Title: Shock
Length: Oneshot
Author: HolyStarDown
Pairing: ...Yewook?, implied Hanchul and Qmi
Rating: PG-13 for a bit of language and an implication, but really it's innocent 
Genre: A teeny bit of angst, humor, and fluff :3
Disclaimer: if i owned them i would be posting HD movies, not fics
Summary: Ryeowook usually isn't suprised by much when it comes to his Hyungs
Author's Note: first time writing yewook :D i don't really ship them at all but... well.... this fic screamed them :3

It was a well known fact that Super Junior had its oddballs: adorable little I-could-actually-fuck-you-into-the-floor Sungmin, the ever-PMSing Princess Heechul, stinky-footed insole-wearing Eunhyuk, “aliens exist” Donghae, holy Shisus, and the king of all things strange… Yesung. The list of oddities about that man went on and on for miles, so Ryeowook really didn’t question it when he woke up in the middle of the night to Yesung’s finger resting just above his lip and the said man’s legs wrapped around a bright pink pillow that Ryeowook could have sworn he saw in Sungmin’s room the day before.


He also didn’t question it when he was tripping over that same pillow the next morning as he opened his door to see Yesung skipping into the kitchen where Hangeng was busy making coffee.


(“What the hell Ryeowook? That was my FAVORITE pillow! How could you just take it like that?”


“I-I’m sorry Hyung. I guess… I didn’t think it was yours.”)


It wasn’t a shock to him when he and Henry came back to the apartment after a day of shopping to find Yesung staring very intently at his glass turtle tank- eyes narrowed, forehead wrinkles and everything- in the middle of their living room floor.


He just smiled sadly and whisked Henry into the kitchen saying that he needed the “magnae touch” when the violinist opened his mouth to say something about it. He was grateful that the other twelve members seemed to take no notice of it and answered their typical dinner questions with a light smile.


(“I swear Donghae, Ddangkkoma can read my mind. I was thinking his name earlier and he looked up at me at the EXACT SAME SECOND!”


“Oh my God, maybe he got mind reading powers from being abducted by ALIENS!”)


Ryeowook did question it, however, when a pain suddenly began to assault his chest as Yesung was explaining how good of a friend Ryeowook was to some host on a TV show whose name he couldn’t remember. It had started as a small ache, but it grew bigger the more the word “friend” fell from Yesung’s lips.


In the end, he wound up leaving the set for a few minutes claiming that he needed some fresh air and that something had gotten into his eye when Eunhyuk followed after him.


(“I know everyone called us two out as the biggest crybabies, but… Damn Ryeowook. I didn’t think Kyu’s story about losing his sock was that tragic.”


“Shut up. I just felt really bad for him, okay?”)


The nightly visits from Yesung had become almost an everyday thing for Ryeowook with only a few gaps in between, yet somehow he was still shocked when he saw the said man slipping out of Siwon’s room one morning, pink pillow stuck in the doorway when he tried to close it and eventually left open with a shrug. The pain from the television show came back as well as the tears he couldn’t explain, but this time there was no Eunhyuk to give him a shoulder to cry on.


He just curled up against his boringly white pillow, one hand fisted in the sheets covering the left side of his bed that felt oddly unslept in.


(“You know Ryeowook, God frowns on people who lie. Especially those who lie to get someone else in trouble to cover for their own crimes.”


“Sorry Siwon-hyung. I must have left it there on accident.”)


The biggest surprise of them all, though, came one morning when he saw Yesung run screaming out of Heechul’s room only to have Mama Teukie rush in seconds later. The fourth eldest crashed through Ryeowook’s door and clung to the eternal magnae for dear life, wailing and shouting “my eyes, oh my God my eyes!” as he buried his face in Ryeowook’s neck.


Gentle heat pooled in the younger man’s chest and a blush spray painted an array of reds on his cheeks, but he wrapped his arms around Yesung’s body anyway because something in his mind told him to. He ended up rocking Yesung back and forth for almost an hour as chaos erupted in the form of a princess and an angel fighting it out as a certain guilty Chinese man tried to tame his shrew.


(“How dare you two corrupt my baby’s innocence?? His poor young mind is stained forever and it’s all your fault!”


“What the hell Jungsu? He’s only one year younger than us. Besides, you should be more worried about what your real baby has been doing with Seasonings in China.”)


The warmth in Ryeowook’s chest soon spread to his entire body even as Leeteuk’s shrieks grew louder and were joined by Kyuhyun’s protests, simply because the body in his arms started to snuggle closer, and Ryeowook came to realize that he wasn’t all that shocked to find out that he rather liked the smell of popcorn-scented shampoo.

A/N: lol i don't even know if popcorn scented shampoo exists, but i'm sure yesung would have it if it did xD wrote this in about half an hour but i'm pretty happy with it :3 leave me a comment to love me? :D
A/N2: lfw only got like... 21 comments and has over 300 views so.... 4 more people need to drop me a comment or the next update won't come. you have been warned :3

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