April 11th, 2010

just because

so i figured that i've kept you waiting long enough, and chapter 19 is not done at all, but! i will give you all what i have. it's not a real update so i'm going to say fuck the format and posting it in any of the comms. i also figured that since you guys are my friends on here and actually give enough of a damn that i should give yall something special. so here's your reward for not loosing faith in me or in the boys <3 ((oh and just in case anyone cares.... yamapi+jae+alcohol= a very happy holystardown :] ))

Nervous fingers picked at thin white sheets as time ticked seconds away, each bringing the hour hand closer to the big ten he longed for it to touch. Any minute now… Closer… Closer… “Damnit.”


Yunho got up from his bed and began his pacing for the nth time that night, agitation and impatience getting the better of him once again; he just couldn’t take it anymore. He wanted Jaejoong right here, right now, whispering his name in that beautiful voice of his until neither of them could take it any longer. “Damnit…” The officer cursed under his breath once again before leaning up against the wall, head colliding soundlessly with the solid barrier. Maybe he got lost. Maybe he doesn’t want to come. Maybe he wasn’t able to sneak out. Maybe he…


Yunho’s dark-adjusted eyes wandered back to the slowly ticking clock. 10:01. “Damnit Jaejoong… Where are you?”


“I’m right here.”


The soft whisper went through Yunho like a gunshot, twisting his body away from the wall to face the window he never bothered to close from Jaejoong’s last escape. “Jaejoong,” he breathed out. “When did you get here?”


“I just walked up when you started talking to yourself.” Jaejoong paused, shifting uneasily for a second. “Unless you’ve been talking to yourself for a while… In that case I hope you don’t do that often because, well, that usually means a person is crazy...”


But Yunho completely ignored the trainee’s words. Instead, he made a B-line for the window and pulled Jaejoong into a searing, desperate kiss of tongues and teeth. Heated air rushed between them in the milliseconds they were apart for breath, their skin on fire and yearning for the other’s touch. The younger man could barely register that he was being pulled through the window and into Yunho’s room before he was pressed up against the wall, gasping and panting and desperate for something he couldn’t wrap his mind around. “Yunho…” he sighed.


“You don’t know how badly I wanted you to get here Jaejoong.” The officer kept his words fast as his desire to devour Jaejoong’s lips overpowered him. Any thoughts of his original plan crumbled to ash when he had seen the trainee’s beautiful face, his only focus being the need to touch the other man as much as possible. He just couldn’t care less any more. The incident with Yoochun struck a possessive nerve in him that Yunho never knew he had, and seeing Jaejoong- hearing Jaejoong- drown in the pleasure that he was causing made the possession burning in the pit of the officer’s stomach transform into a raging inferno. He wanted Jaejoong, and no one else was going to touch him. No one.


Yunho’s mouth began to wander Jaejoong’s body, finally latching onto the trainee’s neck and painting a dark purple rose on the skin to mark his claim. In that moment, he wanted the world to know that no one else could have tainted Jaejoong’s perfect skin, that no one else could hear the delicious moans spilling from Jaejoong’s lips like he could. “God you’re so gorgeous…” he breathed against the trainee’s chest, slowly working away the buttons blocking his path. He needed this- needed to know that Jaejoong wanted no one else but him.


Oh God…


Jaejoong could hardly keep his eyes open and mouth shut. So many sensations assaulted his body at impossible magnitudes… he almost didn’t want it to stop. A hand passed over his growing bulge, lightly teasing and nothing more. “Yunho…”


Yunho smirked. “I saw your display earlier,” he said darkly as another button was lost to the night. “Don’t think you’re going to get off of your punishment so easily without begging for it.”


Jaejoong moaned, loud and shameless.




Heechul didn’t want to sleep. His entire body ached and he knew he needed it, but he just couldn’t. Changmin was here, Changmin was hurt, and Changmin’s pain was his fault. The Daeryeong had been staring at the boy’s sleeping form for hours until he finally couldn’t take it anymore. “What am I doing?” he groaned. I can’t stay here… I can’t… “Fuck this.” The sharp whisper scratched against the walls of the medical ward as Heechul flung away his covers and twisted out of bed. If Eunhyuk thinks he can keep me here he’s got another thing coming.


The IV slipped out of the twenty-six year old’s arm and was left forgotten to create a crimson river on the floor as Heechul crept to Eunhyuk’s room door. Hushed voices slipped through the cracks that he ignored, and in seconds, Heechul was out the door and into the night.


There’s three of them. Cracked, but thankfully not broken.


So I can stay?!




But Eunhyuk-


They won’t let you stay here if you can’t train.


Then lie! No one else has to know. Please Hyukjae, do something!


I’m not going to let you hurt yourself! Oh no… Hae… No, stop crying, damnit. You’ll get me started… Hae…


I don’t want to go…


I know, I don’t want you to go either… but… there’s nothing we can do.


I love you Hyukjae…


… I love you too.

so there you go :] it' not much and it might make you even madder ((?)) at me since it's basically a cockblock but.... hey, it's something. and truth be told, it's probably all you're going to be getting for a while. my depression has gotten worse. i'm' not seeing an end to it any time soon. ((obviously the news about dbsk and hangeng haven't helped either))

not only am i going to ask you to keep the faith in them, but also keep the faith in me. i love you all and i hope to never let you down <3
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