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Title: Letters From War
Length: [18/?]
Author: HolyStarDown
Pairing: Yunjae, Yoosu, Teukchul
Rating: Overall NC-17 
Genre: Romance, angst, drama
Disclaimer: i only own them in my dreams
Summary: In the breaking point of the Korean war, two brothers get drafted into the military and forced to fight for the lives. literally. punishment in camp 409 is just as unforgiving as its officers. attraction? frowned upon. affection? unheard of. love? strickly forbidden. But the training camp they thought they knew gets turned upside down when six of them decide to leave no rule left unbroken
Author's Note: sorry this took so long! bunch of junk has been going on lately and... yeah. read AN at the end if you care

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When Jaejoong starts doubting his love for the rain he knows for certain that the military really has screwed with his head. For the first time in his eighteen years of life, he wished the water splashing against his face would just go away. His grip on Donghae’s skinny legs slackened and slipped as he tried to keep up with Yoochun’s rushed pace, occasionally sliding in mud puddles and nearly letting go to catch himself on more than one occasion. But despite his immense frustration, he kept silent throughout their journey. Neither he nor Yoochun spoke a word to each other as they struggled with Donghae through the downpour, refusing to stop until they got to the medical ward.


Yoochun on the other hand was grateful for the cooling shower. His muscles ached from their morning drills, and the rain relaxed his pain away. Not to mention that before the clouds rolled in it was unbearably hot. His hair had long since matted to his forehead from sweat and his arms started to feel like lead so long ago he almost forgotten when they had ever felt normal. With a tired sigh, Yoochun backed himself against the ward’s metal door and looked down at Donghae’s rain-soaked face. “You think you can stand for a second?”


“Yeah, I think so,” the injured trainee answered.


Jaejoong hesitated, sharing a long gaze with Yoochun before slowly letting Donghae’s legs slide to the ground. As soon as Jaejoong’s arm was securely wrapped around his shoulders and Donghae was standing, Yoochun banged on the door with one hand and used his other to jiggle the door handle. “Soryeong Lee!” he yelled above the pounding rain. “Soryeong Lee, someone needs you!”


Ten seconds passed with no response, Yoochun pounding on the door again and Donghae leaning down to whisper in Jaejoong’s ear. “You know, this whole getting kicked by an officer thing isn’t so bad if I get to see him,” he said breathlessly against Jaejoong’s skin, a wicked grin plastered on his lips. He winced slightly as he tried to shift his stance, but the grin was back in no time flat. “I just really hope I don’t get the hiccups or something.”


Jaejoong only offered a sad smile in return to his bunkmate. “Yeah, me too,” he muttered. And then it hit him. His eyes widened and body jerked in realization, a sharp “ohmygodofcourse!” escaping his lips as Donghae gasped in pain. “Soryeong Lee!” he shouted before Yoochun. “It’s Donghae! He’s hurt!”


Donghae would have protested against his bunkmate’s thoughtless method, but the door was shoved open so quickly his mind couldn’t even process what Jaejoong had said before it banged against the wall.


Eunhyuk’s small frame was rooted in front of Donghae in an instant, hands stuck on his cheeks and turning the trainee’s head every which way- no doubt checking for any sort of mark that could indicate an injury. The medic’s worry-struck eyes scanned over the expanse of Donghae’s tan skin and delicate fingers ghosted over every part of him they could find as words gushed from his mouth. “What happen? How are you hurt? Who did it?” he gushed. But Donghae just grinned again.


“Now what would you have done if my neck was broken?” he asked quietly as his head was rolled back.


“Kicked their asses for moving you,” Eunhyuk replied with a nod toward Jaejoong and Yoochun. “Tell me what happened before I decide to do it anyway.” He gently straightened Donghae’s head again, brushing the slightly younger male’s rain-soaked bangs away from his eyes. Their gazes locked for a silent moment before Yoochun’s voice broke their thoughts.


“He was kicked in the side, sir,” Yoochun blurted, bowing his head to block out the fire blazing in the medic’s eyes.


The smaller man only remained still for a moment before he hurriedly yanked up Donghae’s soaked shirt. A small gasp escaped his lips when his gaze fell on the purple stain marking his lover’s side. Dread consumed Eunhyuk’s mind, drowning his sudden rage and making him cringe when Donghae winced at his slightest touch. “Who did this?” he hissed.


The three trainees hesitated with their answer, unsure of which they feared more: Eunhyuk’s murderous glare or Leeteuk’s fury. Not a sound was made aside from the pattering rain to answer the medic’s question, and the latter’s agitation grew with every passing second. His thin fingers tightened their grip on Donghae’s shirt momentarily in what the others were sure could have been a death grip. “I order you to tell me who did this,” he gritted out, his teeth firmly clamped together.


“It was Jungnyeong Park.”


And just like that, the fury disappeared from Eunhyuk’s eyes. His grip on Donghae’s shirt loosened and dread burned in his veins. “Has he hurt anyone else?” he asked softly.


“Not yet.”


Jaejoong shifted uneasily as Yoochun’s words were spoken; both had a little duck-butt in mind that neither of them wanted Leeteuk to harm, and Jaejoong had other things to worry about. In attempt to move things along, Jaejoong decided to speak up. “Sir, I don’t mean to question your expertise, but I think it would be better for Donghae hyung to be inside and get treated than to keep him standing in the rain.”


Eunhyuk’s eyes narrowed in concentration. “Yes… Of course. You two can go back to what you were doing; he’ll be fine with me,” he said stiffly, his eyes trained on Donghae’ damaged torso.


No goodbyes were exchanged as the injured trainee was passed from Jaejoong to the medic, just tight bows and muttered thank-yous. They were soon out of sight, shielded by a curtain of the sky’s tears. Donghae’s cheeks puffed out and he stared at Eunhyuk with raised eyebrows. “You’re mad,” he stated bluntly.


“I’m not mad.”


“You look mad.”


“I’m not mad.”


“Then what it is?”


Eunhyuk hesitated with his answer, his fidgeting slowing to gentle caresses. “It doesn’t matter,” he said with a deep sigh. “Come on, I need to get you inside.”


“Hyukie~” Donghae whined as he was pulled into the ward, pouting and shuffling his feet the whole way.


“If I let you in here, you can’t say a word. Got it?”


“Why not? I’m in pain. I should be able to scream at the top of my lungs if I feel like it.”


Eunhyuk whipped around faster than a lightning strike. “Do it and you’re dead,” he hissed. The heart-broken look on Donghae’s face made the medic want to shoot himself, but what he said was necessary; if Heechul knew… Eunhyuk shook the unwanted thought away, instead taking a hold on his lover’s wrist and leading him to the bed in his private quarters.


The room was relatively small, papers scattered everywhere and sticking out of open drawers making it appear just that much more cramped. Even the small cot stuffed into the corner was littered with half-finished papers and a few stray pens. Donghae looked around with skepticism flashing in his eyes, his lips turning down slightly in disapproval. “Did a tornado come through here or something?” he asked quietly.


“Heechul-shii overloaded me with paperwork when he heard the Wonsu was coming…” Eunhyuk mumbled as he shuffled through the white sheets littering his cot and tried to move them away. “You know I don’t do well with paperwork.”


Donghae nodded with a small smile. “And now we’re getting everything soaked. I’m sure Cinderella will be thrilled.” The words barely left his lips before he was whacked on the back of the head and viciously glared at.


“Shut up and be respectful!” Eunhyuk hissed, acid lacing his tongue and fire blazing in his eyes. The medic spared a glance over his shoulder at the thin cloth separating his room from the main ward before shaking his head in apology. “I’m sorry… I just really need you to be quiet Donghae.”


All playfulness disappeared from Donghae’s face at Eunhyuk’s tightly spoken words. “I will, but only if you tell me what’s wrong.” The trainee moved through the sea of paper to rest a hand on his lover’s rain-soaked cheek. His teeth were practically crushing each other in attempt to keep himself from screaming in pain, every nerve in his side crying out in agony, but this wasn’t about him right now; something was wrong with his little spider monkey and he wanted to know what. “Please tell me Hyukie. I know you’re not like this.”


The medic’s gaze locked on the floor, his body rigid and reluctant to speak. “If I examine you… I’m worried about what I’ll find. Judging by what caused your injury and how quickly the bruise got so dark, I don’t have to look much more to know that you broke at least one of your ribs.”


Donghae smiled despite Eunhyuk’s melancholy expression. “So? It only takes, what, a month to heal?” he said almost playfully. “I can deal with it.”


But Eunhyuk’s head snapped up, fury blazing in his eyes. “Try three months! And that’s IF it’s only one! And let me tell you something Lee Donghae: if you’re hurt in any way shape or form I will NOT let you force yourself to keep training and make everything worse.”


The trainee’s smile slightly faltered. “Then I’ll get to stay here with you for three months until I’m better. Wouldn’t that be a… good thing?”


“No! You’ll be useless here for three months if you can’t train. They- they wouldn’t let you stay here.” The older man’s voice was barely a whisper and premature tears glimmered in his eyes. His plush lips trembled as he tried to find new words, but none of them left his throat.


“I don’t understand.” Donghae’s smile had vanished and was replaced by a sad confusion. He knew what was happening, his brain just refused to register it until the words were in the air between them.


“They’re going to send you home Donghae, and we’re never going to see each other again.”




“So… I thought you were supposed to be unconscious?”


Jaejoong’s steps came to a halt as Yoochun voiced his persistent thought. The rain poured down on them hard as ever, completely soaking the trainee’s from head to toe and not letting up any time soon. The two men watched the water slide down each other’s face without really seeing it, nor did they care enough to pay attention to the person watching them from afar. Yoochun’s statement had caught Jaejoong slightly off guard; he’d almost completely forgotten about it himself. “Yeah… about that… Um…”


Yoochun grinned. “Junsu was really worried about you,” he said almost mockingly.


“No surprise there,” Jaejoong shot back without hesitation. “He should worry more about himself though. I can take care of myself.”


Yoochun raised an eyebrow at the elder twin’s snappy remark and sped up to match Jaejoong’s hastened pace. “You’re twins right?” he asked calmly.




“I’m shocked.”

Jaejoong stopped dead in his tracks, turning his head to stare straight at the other trainee. “Are you?”


Yoochun stopped as well, his rain-soaked hair now falling in front of his smiling eyes and turning into black rivers against his skin. “I am,” he said with a grin. “I don’t think I’ve seen two people any more different, especially not twins.”


“Just because I’m not falling head over heels for your so-called “charm” doesn’t mean we’re all that different,” Jaejoong snapped.


“Whoa, whoa, calm down,” Yoochun said with arms outstretched between them and palms up. Fiery one his duck-butt’s brother is. “I didn’t mean it as a bad thing, I was just making an observation.”


“Oh really?”


“Yes really,” Yoochun said as he brought himself closer to Jaejoong. With lips almost pressed to Jaejoong’s ear, he continued. “You know, your taste in men is incredibly different. Who’d have thought that a guy with such a pretty face would fall for a stone-cold military officer?” As soon as the words left his mouth Yoochun was shoved away, the sudden shift causing him to topple over into a nearby mud puddle.


“How dare you!” Jaejoong shouted. His cheeks flared a bright red and blood pounded in his ears. Oh no, no, no this was not happening. Yoochun couldn’t possibly know about Yunho. Unless… Junsu. Jaejoong shook the thoughts out of his head almost as soon as they came, his brother’s face disappearing in a second. “Look Yoochun, you’ve got this all wrong. It’s not like that between Soryeong Jung and me.”


Yoochun’s shit-eating grin was enough to make the younger trainee want to smack it right off. “Strange how you know who I’m talking about if there’s nothing going on,” he said, laughing when Jaejoong blushed a bright crimson.


“Y-you’re wrong,” Jaejoong stuttered.


“And you’re also supposed to be passed out in your bed right now. What’s Jungnyeong Park going to say when you magically show up perfectly fine on the fields in the pouring rain?”


Blank, beautiful doe eyes stared back at Yoochun. Rain streaked down Jaejoong’s flushed cheeks almost like tears leaving sparkling trails on a child’s Valentine’s Day card. “What are you trying to say?” he whispered.


“I’m trying to say that you can get off the hook. You don’t have to train if everyone thinks you’re out cold,” Yoochun explained indifferently. But his grin inevitably broke through the weak façade and he smacked his hand against Jaejoong’s shoulder. “In other words, go back to the Resident and sleep Jaejoong-ah. It’ll do you good.”


“What about you?” Jaejoong asked as the other started to walk away.


“I have to go. As much as I would like to sleep the rest of the day, I don’t have any reason to. Not to mention Junsu would probably have an anxiety attack if neither of us came back, don’t you think?”


Jaejoong nodded dumbly.


“Good,” Yoochun said with a wink. “And you really shouldn’t try to hate me; I’m not any more horrible for attracting your brother than Yunho is for attracting you.”


Yoochun left Jaejoong standing in the rain with that statement lingering in the air and haunting the stunned trainee’s mind.




A bittersweet taste had lingered in Yunho’s mouth as the Soryeong wandered around the grounds of camp 409. His mind remained clouded with thoughts of his beautiful trainee and it seemed as though nothing could go wrong- not even the ominous clouds pouring water from the heavens put a damper on his light mood. It just-so-happened that Jungnyeong Choi didn’t need him after all, giving Yunho plenty of time to meditate on what he’d done not long ago.


Jaejoong was in his room, in his bed, in his mouth; everywhere around him, and it thrilled Yunho to no end. He couldn’t think of any time in his life that he’d every wanted a person so badly or been so heart-broken when they were out of his sight- especially not another man. Jaejoong was just… different. Just thinking about the trainee’s elegant face made his stomach flip, rationality running low and sense of direction disappearing completely.


He couldn’t tell you when or how he wandered to the medical ward, but what he saw made his entire body ice over: that trainee- that one damn trainee he’s hated since day one was leaning closer and closer to his angel, lips parted and eyes half closed. What happened next was shielded by a curtain of wet raven hair, but within a second Yoochun was knocked flat on his ass in the mud, Jaejoong’s melodious voice crying out in shock. Before the scene had a chance to completely register in his mind, Yunho was already running away, light mood broken and fury making him see red. 


The officer eventually wound up at the doors of the Resident A building and, without much thought, pushed open the doors to the vacant room. Every bunk in the Resident was empty, but those weren’t the Soryeong’s main focus or at least not yet. Instead, he made a straight path to Chirimi- no, Leeteuk’s- room. Without thinking Yunho steals a make-shift map, paper and a pen from Leeteuk’s neatly organized desk. Without thinking he writes a few words and slips the note under Jaejoong’s pillow. Without thinking he leaves the resident and steps out into the pouring rain.

A/N: *screams* THIS TOOK ME FORFREAKINEVER!! and for that i apologize, but sooo much crap has gotten in the way... for once i actually have to pay attention in class and do homework and study, so i don't have any time to write during school which is where i did most of my writing last year. so thats my first major delay factor. the second is serious writer's black and my typical lack of focus. i knew WHAT i wanted to write, i just didn't know how to write it.  third, i've just been so damn stressed. a lot of drama has been going on with my friends ((as in my best friends are all fightening with their best friends who are also my friends.and on top of that, my mom lost her job last weekend. stressed.as.fuck. but! here is my update and i hope you all like it <3

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