August 7th, 2009

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Title: Rubber Gloves and Dishsoap
Length: Drabble
Author: HolyStarDown
Pairing: Jaemin
Rating: G
Genre: Not sure
Disclaimer: i only own them in my dreams
Summary: No one really knows who’s running the water in the kitchen sink and banging pots around at midnight after they’ve long since gone to bed
Author's Note: eh... it's not really jaemin but sort of is?

Rubber Gloves and Dishsoap

No one really knows who’s running the water in the kitchen sink and banging pots around at midnight after they’ve long since gone to bed. So when they all wake up to a magically spotless kitchen in the morning, the others just assume it was Jaejoong while the said man never bothers to ask. He doesn’t do it for the recognition anyways. If he did, his name would be plastered on every dish in their apartment.

Instead, he does it just ‘because that’s what people do’ he tells his mother when she calls him late at night. He almost wishes she wouldn’t because he’s afraid that the phone will slip from his shoulder while his arms are halfway covered in foamy water.

He can deal with his members saying ‘thanks Hyung’ when they don’t have to do dishes even though none of them call him hyung unless he’s won something and forces them to. In his mind he can hardly call a steel pot a platinum medal.

And when the middle three thank Jaejoong for cooking after they leave their dirty dishes at the table and he has to practically drag his half-asleep eldest hyung to his room after another long day of dancing and singing and all out working their asses off, he just sighs because he knows it will be another late night of rubber gloves and dish soap.

A/N: ok, so i wrote this while i was doing dishes at ((you guessed it)) midnight. my mom's got a cold and my dad isn't feeling too well either, so i ended up doing the dishes after my brother got home late and went to bed. not only that but i've been reading a lot of


drugsex's work so it's kind of written in her style. ((her fics are AMAZING and sooo intense)) and also i've never written jaemin before, but this didn't fit yoosu at all and the part just didn't seem to fit yunho... so it ended up this way. it's not even really jaemin since there isn't really any romantic thing going on but i guess you can think he's doing it because they're together if you want to :]

A/N2: obvisouly, i've started writing again and i have been working on chapter 16 for LFW. it's about halfway done but i'm not entirely sure when i'll get it to you. and also, please join my comm crankdatmanboobfor all my fanfics :] in about 5 or 6 entries i will start posting things there instead of in this journal, so please join <3

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