July 18th, 2009


hey guys... for any of you that care to read this, i just want to tell you that my Letters From War update will most likely take a long time. any of my updates will really... um... one of my friends overdosed earlier tonight and he's not expected to survive... so, needless to say, i'm really upset about it and my parents were good friends with his so they're dealing with this as well... my motive is pretty much gone and i expect it to be for a while so.... idk... my updates won't be coming any time soon. it's just a heads up... i know you're probably thinking "well why the hell are you able to say all this so soon?"  i talk about things to get over them. it's just... i don't know... please pray from him for me <3

and another thing... drugs suck. i know you all probably hear this all the time but i can't stress enough that they screw up people's lives. not just the lives of the people who take them, but the lives of the people around them too. just think of what his parents are going through right now! no parent should EVER have to go through what they are right now. nobody should have to go through this... i mean his friends, his family.... it's aweful. my brother was really close to him, and my dad is actually talking to him right now so... i don't know how he's taking it but.. yeah...

he was a freakishly amazing guitarest and just... a really nice person, but now that's probably all gone. even if he does pull through this, he'll probably never be the same. i hope to God that he will be and that he will pull through, but... i think realistically and i realize that it might not happen. i don't like it, but i accept it.

um.. for those of you who read all the way through this, thanks a lot. really. um... leave a comment on this if you want, ignore it, whatever. just pray for him please. his name is justin ((can't say his last name. sorry)) and every prayer helps <3

i love you all