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Title: Drink Down the Gin and Kerosene
Length: [1/?]
Author: holystardown and [info]sceneofhate 

Pairing: William x Sarah, Roman x Lillith, Yunjae, Yoosu ((very minor)), several others along the way
Rating: Expect PG-13 
Genre: Romance, drama, vamp!fic, comedy, actions
Disclaimer: we only own sarah and amira <3
Summary: For centuries humans have whispered about creatures of the night that thrived off of drinking human blood, taking the innocent and corrupting them forever. Murderous, bloodthirsty creatures that could be destroyed by decapatation alone but could kill another in the blink of an eye. A mysterious group called the Society decided that they were different; they wouldn't kill or corrupt the innocent but, instead, protect them with every ounce of superhuman strength they had. The leaders of the Society, Sarah Maria and Amira vowed to kill the vampires that created them... but would love cause them to give up their hate-fueled persuit?
Author's Note: new fanfic bitches ;P best watch out. it's written by two people so bare with us for a while while we fight over the outcome :] ((oh and Amira's POV is written by me while Sarah's is written by [info]sceneofhate <3)) i suggest you watch this too :] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-VifE8EK8w


Chapter 1

We stood on the roof of the cathedral, watching the fight unleash below us. The Vampires from the Hood and The Punks were fighting it out, all hell broken loose.  But no innocents were harmed so we stayed away from the fight. It just wasn’t any of our concern. I watched as the Dandies showed up, Amira fuming at my side and about to attack their second in command. I grabbed her arm. "Not yet," I whispered.

"Why not? We both know they're going to hurt innocents!" she hissed. Sometimes she was too stubborn for her own good, but that's what made her the other co-leader.

"Roman!" I called our second in command. The tall Swedish vampire stepped out of the shadows to stand beside us, flashing a smile to show off the black braces covering his teeth.


"Yes, Sara?" he asked before his head bowed in respect, blonde hair covering his crystal blue eyes.

"Tell Beckett to call off his clan," I instructed.


Amira sighed in frustration. "What makes you think he'll listen?" she asked.

I ignored her but kept an eye on the fingers dancing on the tips of her silver needles. With a simple flick of my hand, Roman sped off using his special ability of increased extreme speed. Here's the thing: every vampire has at least one special ability. Some of the more powerful ones (like Amira and me) have more, and some (like Hankyung and a few other unfortunates) get none at all.

Why don't you come down and ask me yourself? a voice said in my head. I hated when he did that but I couldn't block him out like the others. I jumped off the roof and landed harshly on my feet, the rest of the clan right behind me. We strode forward looking tall and strong. We may have been the smallest clan but we were by far one of the most powerful, and we were also one of the only clans that didn't hunt humans. We had gotten by with blood bags and bodies from the morgue. And yes that is just as disgusting as it sounds.

"Beckett, call them off," I said as I finally approached him.

"Why would I do that sweet Maria?" he asked innocently.


I had to grit my teeth to resist the urge to lunge at him. "Because there is no reason for you to be here," I said.

"Yes there is dear, it's simply our territory," his brown eyes shone in amusement. Oh how I wanted to tear them right out…

"Beckett, if you don't leave there is nothing keeping me from ripping out your throat," I growled.

"Really? Let’s see if you could," he said before throwing one of his gloves down, a signal for his clan to attack. The first vampire that attacked me was one of the lower Dandies. I easily snapped his neck and drained his blood. The fight that was unleashing around me was horrible; vampires from every clan in Chicago were fighting it out. A Punk vampire lunged towards me. I kicked him in the gut, sending him flying towards the wall, a sound like thunder ringing in the air when he hit it. Gabe came towards me.

"Sara, we have to get out of here!" he yelled. All the humans that had been there were long dead, and we had lost about one fourth of our already small clan. I looked for Amira, found her easily sucking a big black Vampire from the Hood completely dry until he crumbled to ash.

We need to go, now! I sent to her. She raised her blazing scarlet eyes to me and nodded.

We'll meet in the cathedral in two minutes, she sent back to me. I nodded and was off. I was the second in the cathedral, Roman easily being the first. The two minutes was gone and everyone was there, except Amira.

"Have you seen Amira?" I asked Roman. He shook his head then went back to looking at a map I didn’t bother to make sense of. I asked everyone as the appeared at the cathedral one by one, but none of them had seen her. I closed my eyes and took deep breaths, then pictured Amira. I saw an image of the city from above, on a roof maybe, followed by seeing Brendan-the Dandies second in command-walking down a street, then of his sucking a blond haired human girl dry.

"Dammit!" I growled then went back outside. I knew exactly where Amira was.




A strong feeling of ecstasy washed over me as I moved, completely unseen, through the mob of snarling vampires. With a simple brush from the back of my hand I could watch the silver’s poison burn away at their skin fast enough that their heightened healing couldn’t quite catch it. They literally didn’t see it coming. And even while their skin was getting eaten away, none of their thoughts contained even a hint of them knowing I was the one at work. True, the minimal amount of exposure would not kill them, but that wasn’t my goal in the first place. Irreversibly wounding as many Dandies as possible was exactly enough to make both William and Brendon squirm, and that was what I wanted.


The meaningless vampires’ thoughts swam around me as I tried to tune in to that one voice that I’d always hated with no success. I just couldn’t find it with the sea of hundreds of others literally screaming in my mind. I inaudibly hissed in frustration and backhanded a random vampire that unknowingly stepped in my way, scraping my silver chains against his face and sending him screaming to the ground. None of them mattered to me at the moment; I was going to find Brendon and I was actually going to do something about him.


Amira what are you doing? the very familiar voice hissed in my mind slightly louder than the rest. I rolled my eyes and stopped, knowing that she was too far away to see.


I’m looking for someone. Just give me two minutes Sarah, I sent back. Whatever the hell she was trying to accomplish wasn’t going to work.


Get back home now! You were the one who decided this and you better be here in twenty seconds or I’m coming after you myself.


My lips pressed together in a thin line as complete resentment hit me in waves. But I-


No buts! It’s too dangerous for us here. The fight’s gotten out of control and fours of us are already dead. Gabe, Erin, Hankyung and Junsu are all hurt. You’re going to get hurt too if you keep going.


I’m freakin’ invisible! They can’t-


Please stop arguing Amira. Changmin’s coming after you.


“Oh screw you Sarah!” I shouted out loud, causing several of the vampires around me to look wildly around.


Thanks. I could hear the smirk in her thoughts and wished that I could smack it right off her face.


When I finally came through the cathedral doors, she was in fact actually smirking. “That was definitely twenty two seconds,” she said as she crossed her thin arms over her chest. The small gesture made me wonder when the hell I started following the orders of my co-leader.


“Who cares? I’m here now and that’s all that matters.” I avoided her intense gaze by staring out of one of the stained glass windows. Who did we lose? I sent her. I knew that if I asked out loud someone would hear me, and I knew neither of us wanted to distress the others any further.


Patrick, Kibum, Olivia, and Calvin. Her intense stare faded to sorrow as she joined my window gazing. Erin got silver poisoning… We couldn’t wait for you so Heechul started to burn her. Cedric’s nearly beside himself.


And that was when I realized how royally selfish my earlier intentions had been. Even now I could hear Erin’s thoughts cry out in pain as Heechul’s obedient flames prevented the silver’s poison from spreading further and Cedric utterly freaking out both mentally and out loud. “Crap…” I muttered before heading in their direction.


Just as I had expected, I found Erin sitting in a chair with Heechul kneeling in front of her and Cedric flittering around beside her. Only Cedric looked up when I came into their lie of sight.


“Well it’s about time!!” he shouted at me, rushing forward and forcing the flames of hell into his glare. “What was so important that you couldn’t come earlier, huh? Or did you want her skin to be bur-”


“Cedric stop it.”


He instantly returned to her side at the sound of Erin’s voice but continued to glare at me.


“She’s here now and Heechul hasn’t even done much yet.” Erin sighed. “Stop worrying.” Her thoughts had a different tune. Amira could you please give me the immunity already? You have no idea how bad silver poisoning and fire hurts.


I nodded at her silent plea and took up the space beside Heechul, the cherry red-haired vampire moving out of my way without me having to say a word. Erin’s shirt had already been pulled off of her shoulder, allowing a clear view of the metallic spots spreading on her skin. One side of the largest spot was already singed and had turned an angry black, but the poison had stopped at the line. A soft, guilt-ridden sigh escaped my lips before I pushed my hand against Erin’s chest, trying to ignore her hiss of pain, and closed my eyes.


Power rushed through my fingertips and into her body, linking us as the poisoned skin on Erin’s body healed. I’d never been so relieved that my silver immunity was one of the quickest powers to transfer. “I’m sorry Erin.”


Erin’s eyes snapped wide open. “Sorry? Sorry is definitely not what you want to hear some one who’s healing you say.” Her thoughts went wild with panic about random things I gave up on trying tot follow.


“I’m sorry that I didn’t get here earlier and that I can’t heal the burns Heechul gave you,” I said softly.


“Oh. That’s fine.” Erin smiled and pulled her shirt back over her shoulder, which Cedric’s thoughts greatly protested to.


Ah yes, our little Cedric has one of the biggest crushes on Erin that I’d ever picked up on before, and he did nothing to hide it from me in his mind. Whether he remembered that I could hear him all the time or not I couldn’t be sure. Either way, he made it painfully obvious; everyone in the Society knew but Erin.


I grinned slightly as the pair started off into one of their frequent petty arguments and tuned their words out. Only then did I actually pay attention to the voice that had been a constant in my mind for literally as long as I could remember. The familiar voice that no one else had ever heard got louder as I focused on it, the agony in his voice becoming more apparent.


Within seconds I was pushing Roman away from my Chinaman and out of the little side room we were in.


“What the heck Amira??” he shouted at me, his black braces showing when his lips parted.


“You’ve been hurting him stupid. Now go find a proper healer,” I answered simply before kicking aside the bottle of alcohol he’d tried to clean Hankyung’s wounds with.  The latter sighed in relief when I kneeled beside the small pew he was laid out on and a smile pulled at his lips.


Finally. I thought Roman was actually going to do this, he thought. He quickly glanced at the aluminum needle and horrid green string wrapped around the top of the alcohol bottle and shuddered. In his state of shirtlessness, the deep lacerations littering Hankyung’s skin bled freely out in the open. Two jagged parallel cuts ran from his left shoulder to the middle of his forearm, undoubtedly made by another vampire’s teeth as well as the similar marks carved horizontally in his neck. Shallower scratches marred his quickly moving chest and his face. Long story short: he looked like a bloody mess.


It was too hard to fight back a smirk but too cruel to let it show. “That would just be cruel and unusual torture,” I said softly. I had to admit that Hankyung’s case had always been strange to me; when it would take normal vampires only two days to heal from Hankyung would probably take a little over a week if he was lucky. His healing rate was nowhere nearly as slow as a human but slower than any vampire I had ever come across. Maybe that was the reasoning behind Roman always wanting to use stitches to make him heal faster. “Just wait a little for Sarah to get here and you’ll be fine.”


Oh good, Hankyung thought with a grin. I thought I was going to die for sure. Cheeky bastard.


I absent-mindedly raised my wrist to my lips, nipping the thin skin before I pushed my bleeding limb toward Hankyung. “Shut up and drink it. You’re bleeding all over the place and if you pass out I’m in trouble.”


His reply was instant. No.


A sigh escaped my throat before I could stop it. For the century and a half that I’d been with him we’d bled around each other countless times, thus building a type of immunity to the smell of the other’s blood. Once the taste hit our mouth on the other hand…


And of course there was the fact that Hankyung truly hated drinking anyone’s blood, be it human or vampire, and he had a crap load of resistance built up against his natural bloodlust. But whether he liked it or not, he was still a vampire and still needed blood just like the rest of us.


“You’re not going to argue with me this time Hannie,” I said as I pushed my wrist against his soft lips.


He visibly tensed and forced his lips to remain tightly shut, biting them for good measure. I said no Amira! But it didn’t take long for the crimson liquid to seep through his futile blockade and spread against his tongue. I can’t… You can’t…


I watched as his golden eyes were overcome by scarlet and anticipated the slight sting I knew would soon come from his teeth entering my skin. His breathing slowed and became deeper, his tense expression loosened. Any moment now…


“That’s kind of pointless Amira. He’s just going to bleed it all back out in a second.” I can’t believe I didn’t notice Sarah coming into the room until she was already standing beside us.


“Can’t stop him now,” I said in a surprisingly dull voice. Just as the words left my mouth, Hankyung’s teeth sunk into my wrist and all coherent thoughts left my mind.

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