October 4th, 2008

Letters From War Chapter 7

Title: Letters From War
Length: [8/?]
Author: HolyStarDown
Pairing: Yunjae, Yoosu, Teukchul
Rating: Overall NC-17 
Genre: Romance, angst, drama
Disclaimer: i only own them in my dreams
Summary: In the breaking point of the Korean war, two brothers get drafted into the military and forced to fight for the lives. literally. punishment in camp 409 is just as unforgiving as its officers. attraction? frowned upon. affection? unheard of. love? strickly forbidden. But the training camp they thought they knew gets turned upside down when six of them decide to leave no rule left unbroken
Author's Note: obviously i didn't live in the 1950's and certainly was not in Korea during the Korean war, so some of the details are going to be inacurate... just bear with me :]

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*screams* please please please don't kill me for this!!! i've never written anything like eh.... what happens in this chapter before so it probably sucks like crap and sounds weird. umm happy early birthday to moon1084 ! :D again, please don't kill me!



“Punish me.” The words come out as a barely more than a sigh, sounding much more confidant than Jaejoong felt. The being in front of him pushed all rationality aside and absolutely shredded the plan he had made up in only ten seconds. He could feel Yunho’s resistance caving, burying the Soryeong under a mountain of forbidden desire. Air quickly rushed into Yunho’s open mouth and Jaejoong couldn’t help but feel satisfaction for the minor victory.


Those smoldering eyes clouded his mind and quickly unraveled Yunho’s futile resistance. Jaejoong’s scent flooded over his face and it took all the strength he had to keep him from ravishing the shorter man on the spot. The smell of lust and sweat would have disgusted him if it were coming from anyone else, but no; this absolutely intoxicated him. “You don’t know what you’re asking for,” Yunho whispered as a last line of defense before everything came crashing down.


“I think I do,” Jaejoong said as he darted out his tongue to run it over his bottom lip, pulling away the last thread that was keeping their sanity with them.


Yunho let everything go and crashed his lips against Jaejoong’s, attacking the sweet cherry lips without holding back. His tongue didn't even have to ask for entrance to Jaejoong’s mouth; it was already wide open and just as desperate as he was. His hand twisted itself in the trainee’s impossibly soft hair and pulled his head back, gaining better access into the awaiting sinful cavern. Their tongues clashed, twirling around each other in an erotic dance, both wanting to take the lead. Jaejoong’s arms snaked around Yunho’s neck and he rose higher on his toes, not wanting to have any space between them. They broke apart for a brief second, gasping for much needed air before going at it again. Jaejoong wrapped one leg around Yunho’s hips, but it was harshly pushed down.


“This is supposed to be punishment, remember?” Yunho whispered as he took his lips away from Jaejoong’s and began trailing down Jaejoong’s jaw to his neck, nipping at some patches of skin and sucking roses onto others. A moan escaped from Jaejoong’s parted lips and his head lolled to the side, exposing more skin for Yunho to take. Yunho released Jaejoong’s neck and pushed the trainee away from him. “On your knees,” he demanded breathlessly.


Jaejoong forced a smug smile onto his lips. It wasn’t like he’d never done this before; he just always hated doing it. But he already got this far and, judging by the slight bulge in Yunho’s pants, he couldn’t stop now. Jaejoong ran his tongue over his swollen lips and looked up at the Soryeong before slowly lowering onto his knees.


Yunho’s eyes followed Jaejoong’s every movement, drinking the essence of the trainee with every one of his senses. It took forever for the trainee to undo his belt and work his jeans down and off. His boxers came off equally slowly, while Jaejoong trailed feathery kisses down his chest and stomach, stopping at his waist before going back up. Yunho squirmed at the slow pace and his hands unconsciously found balance by gripping the nearby table. He let out a low sigh and gazed at the beautiful creature in front of him with dark eyes.


Jaejoong’s smirk grew broader and he moved his whole body down, licking and nipping in various places along Yunho's body as he went. He stopped when he hit Yunho's navel, and licked a small circle. He shifted down a little, tracing lines along the bones of Yunho’s strong hips with his tongue and getting teasingly close to where Yunho needs him before switching to another direction. Yunho tried to push forward to gain more contact and control, but Jaejoong placed his hands on Yunho’s hips, holding them in place. Just because he hated this didn’t mean he wasn’t any good.


Yunho was so turned on by the time Jaejoong made it to his destination that he almost lost it at the first flick of Jaejoong’s tongue, but he forced himself to keep his composure. Jaejoong added sucking and soft humming to his tongue sliding against Yunho’s sensitive skin and his brain melted into a puddle of lust. The Soryeong’s eyes screwed shut and his breath came out in deep moans. His hands griped the side table until his knuckles turned white and he was sure the wood was about to break under his hold. He arched his hips as far as Jaejoong’s restraining hands allowed in attempt to push his member further into Jaejoong’s mouth while the latter started a slow rhythm, still humming a little. Yunho mouth emitted a string of syllables, grunts and moans. He got out Jaejoong’s name and several 'Oh my Gods' and possibly 'fuck' and then Jaejoong’s name again until it dissolved into a string of nonsense he was unable to control.


Jaejoong could feel Yunho’s release coming closer as his tongue continued to swirl around the shaft that fit his mouth perfectly. He’d never enjoyed giving this kind of pleasure to his previous boyfriends, but having Yunho in his mouth felt so right, so heavenly, yet so deliciously sinful.


Changmin watched the entire spectacle from behind the wall with his teeth clamped tight on his lips. He didn’t see Yunho clinging to the side table for dear life, he saw himself. He didn’t hear Yunho’s voice crying out Jaejoong’s name, he heard his own. And he could feel Jaejoong’s lips around him, not his own hand. He could feel the heat pooling inside him, so desperate for release even though it was driven by nothing more than a fantasy. Yunho’s cry resounded in the small, concrete room, but all he heard was his own voice. Changmin’s silent orgasm shook him to the core and brought him to his knees when it was finally over. He stayed on the floor with his eyes closed and his breathing gradually slowed back down to normal. The mental images of Jaejoong faded to nothing and his normal vision returned. When he found strength in his legs again, he opened his heavy lids and rose to his feet, only to see Jaejoong and Yunho tangled in a slow, passionate kiss. With his head finally clear, Changmin could feel the something fluttering in his chest, just like it had the first time he witnessed them kiss, only this time he didn’t get a taste of his own.


He wanted this for his hyung, he really did. That was why he shoved a temptation at Yunho the Soryeong couldn’t refuse. The only problem was that now Changmin was sure he couldn’t refuse it either.




At this point Leeteuk was stuck in a corner. The trainees were standing around doing nothing, but he didn’t know what to do with them. Changmin had told them to retire for the day, but if Heechul saw that he would go ballistic for sure; especially now that the Daeryeong was already so wound up about Sunghe’s arrival. He was half tempted to just leave the trainees in the field and blame Yunho and Changmin if Heechul saw. Finally thinking better of going through the guilt of lying to the one he loved, Leeteuk set off to the medical ward to retrieve at least one of the training officers. Surely both of them weren’t needed with Jaejoong.


“Jungnyeong Choi!” Leeteuk called out to Dongwook who, like always, had perfect timing.


The said officer turned his head at the call and closed his eyes to hide the fact that they were rolling from Leeteuk as he walked over. “Yes?” he asked through clenched teeth. After facing Heechul’s wrath, he wasn’t exactly in the mood to deal with his lackey too.


“Watch them. I have something more important to do,” Leeteuk ordered with a sickeningly sweet smile. He continued on to the medical ward without waiting for Dongwook to reply and ignored what little he did hear; the newer Jungnyeong had no authority over him anyway.


When Leeteuk finally reached the medical ward, he froze at the sight of Changmin staring at the window with a desperate, longing expression painted on his face and furiously rubbing his hands on his thighs. Changmin stopped after a few moments and shook his head, about to go inside.


“Jungnyeong Shim,” Leeteuk called sweetly, stepping toward Changmin with a hint of a fake smile on his lips.


Changmin jerked around to face the other Jungnyeong with an equally fake smile. “Oh, Leeteuk,” he said a litter louder that necessary. “I was just about to get Soryeong Jung and go back to the fields to make sure you hadn’t died of a heart attack.” The young officer’s voice held no trace of guilt, but Leeteuk didn’t buy the façade; Changmin had mastered the art of getting himself and others out of trouble, and he knew that first hand.


“I’m sure. I need to inform Soryeong Jung of something personally, so if you would be so kind as to move out of the way I-”


“I don’t think Soryeong Lee would appreciate any more people going in there. That’s why I’m standing outside,” Changmin lied without his composure faltering in the slightest.


“I’m only going to be in there for a few seconds. I’m sure he won’t mind,” Leeteuk insisted. He was getting sick of the formal kindness really fast. If he had it his way, Changmin would be sitting flat on his ass and he would have already found out what the younger was trying to hide. But there would be serious consequences if he dared to put his hands on the object of Heechul’s affection, so he kept with the formalities. “Please step aside Jungnyeong Shim.”


Changmin waited a few more seconds before he consented to Leeteuk’s order. His shoulders lifted into a shrug as he opened the door, praying that Yunho and Jaejoong were presentable after his short stalling tactic. “If Eunhyuk tears your head off don’t blame me.” He turned into the room to see Yunho nonchalantly going through some of Eunhyuk’s files and Jaejoong resting on his still tidy bed.


Yunho glanced up at the Jungnyeongs as they entered. “Need something?” he asked in a flat voice.


Relief flooded over Changmin and angels sung in his head. Leeteuk was still in the dark, and now he knew that Yunho and Jaejoong did very fast cleanup work. He could barely contain his smirk as he turned to see Leeteuk’s face frozen in mid-accusation. Feeling the smirk turning up his lips against his will, he tore his gaze away from the other Jungnyeong and scanned the room for any evidence of Jaejoong and Yunho’s action. After all, he was going to confront Yunho about it but he didn’t want to let the other know that he had watched the whole thing.


Leeteuk couldn’t find anything to say anymore. He originally came with the intent of demanding Yunho return to the training fields, but Changmin’s suspicious behavior swept all other thoughts from his mind and replaced them with finding something he wasn’t supposed to know. Not able to see anything of the sort, he was at a loss of words. His eyes darted from Yunho to Jaejoong to Changmin with his mouth still slightly open and a seemingly false accusation dead on his tongue. He let out a soft sigh. “I am not a baby sitter and I’m not going to do your job for you, so I suggest that you and Jungnyeong Shim go back to the training fields and actually do something useful with your time,” he said, finally getting back his earlier thoughts. “We need to be stepping up, not slacking off.”


Yunho and Changmin bowed to Leeteuk with blank faces while Changmin still struggled to not let his smirk show. Yunho followed Changmin out of the room and pretended to ignore Jaejoong’s watching eyes that were glued to him as they left. When Changmin decided they were a safe distance from the medical ward, he grabbed Yunho’s shoulders and forced the Soryeong to face him. “You need to be a hell of a lot more careful Hyung,” he said, seeming like an out-of-the-blue statement to Yunho.


He brushed Changmin’s hands off his shoulders and gave him an odd look. “What are you talking about?”


“I know what you were doing in there with Jaejoong! I mean really, I can only cover up for so much. Your little make-out sessions are fine but you guys doing… that in a building anybody can go into for whatever reason is just reckless. What would you have done if Leeteuk came in a few seconds earlier than he did?” Changmin asked, hoping that his words would make some impact on Yunho. He had to admit, the show Yunho and Jaejoong out on was enjoyable, but the little flutter he felt and the close call with Leeteuk put a huge damper on that. He was the one to bring this to Yunho, and now he had to keep it under control. Jaejoong was already on bad terms with Heechul; those terms didn’t need to get any worse because of a careless slipup. That trainee was one he felt he needed to protect, not throw to the dogs. Speaking of dogs… “Heechul’s already suspicious of you, remember?”


Yunho’s eyes widened slightly. “And how do you know what we did?”


“Because one, it was written all over your faces, and two, I could hear you from a mile away,” Changmin explained using his amazing ‘I can make up very convincing lies on the spot and still look like a smartalic’ skills. “It’s a miracle Leeteuk didn’t find out the second he looked at you two.” He rolled his eyes and sighed to add extra effect. “Just don’t do it again. Next time you might not be so lucky. I mean, I know I only said not to take his innocence, but jeeze. Control yourself.”


There was a long pause where Yunho just stared at Changmin with a blank expression. The younger thought his lie was simple enough to make Yunho believe it was true and gave his hyung a smile of assurance before they both continued on to the training fields.




Junsu was on the boarder of going insane. The new officer who had taken Leeteuk’s place lazily ordered the trainees from Resident B around without much confidence and sent them through unorganized drills while the other two thirds of the trainees were ignored. Junsu’s half was thankful that he was in the part that went ignored, because it gave him plenty of time to freak out without having to worry about an officer being on his case. His legs were exhausted but he still paced around in a small circle while pulling at his hair. He was too wrapped up in his own thoughts to notice that Yoochun was watching him only a few feet away.


Yoochun, along with several other trainees, took advantage of the switch in command by laying out on the grass in dead heaps- something that they’d never been able to do before. A mix of English and Korean voices blended together around him as he watched Junsu continue to go around in his little circle. He finally decided to get up and stop Junsu’s pacing by putting a hand on his shoulder. “Hey, relax. You don’t want to walk your legs off,” he said calmly when the smaller man whipped around to face him. Junsu’s bottom lip was bright red from where he had been nervously chewing on it for the past fifteen minutes. His face was tinted a lighter shade of red; from the running or something else Yoochun couldn’t be sure. All he knew was that he wanted to wipe the pained expression off of Junsu’s face and replace it with another one of those true smiles.


Junsu instantly calmed down a little when he saw Yoochun’s face softened in concern. The comment was lame, yes, but lightened his worry that much more. He took a deep breath and took his hand out of his disheveled hair. “So you’re deciding to be all sympathetic again?” he asked.


“I am when people need me to be,” Yoochun answered with a half smile that stretched into a full smile at the sight of Junsu’s pout.


“I needed you to be when Jaejoong was being stupid in line but you were making fun of me!” Junsu whined.


“Pointing out that you were jealous of your brother staring at me is not making fun of you,” Yoochun said with his smile slipping into a grin.


“I was not jealous!” Junsu protested, but even as he said the words, Yoochun noticed his cheeks becoming a darker shade of red.


“So, if I just went and made out with brother right now you wouldn’t care?”


“I’d knock your lights out!!” Junsu squeaked.


Yoochun had to bite his lip ridiculously hard to keep himself from laughing, and even then it was proving to be a difficult task. When he finally trusted his mouth again, he opened it to take a deep breath. “So you would be jealous,” Yoochun said, making it more of a statement than a question.


“Yah! There you go making fun of me again!”


“But you aren’t worried anymore, are you?”


Junsu opened his mouth to say no, but that would have been a lie. He did momentarily forget about Jaejoong being carried away while he was focused on Yoochun. He didn’t want to admit it at the moment, but the man in front of him was right. He crossed his arms and looked at the ground. “I would not be jealous…” he mumbled.


Yoochun let out a soft laugh. “I’m sure you wouldn’t,” he said caustically. He had to quickly step to the side to avoid a petty slap from Junsu which only made him laugh harder.


Junsu made a sweep over the others to make sure none of them were listening in on their conversation. “Are you gay or something?” he asked quietly. “Cause I hate to break it to you, but I’m not.”


Yoochun’s mouth opened in a small ‘o.’ “Don’t get the wrong impression that I’m interested in you just because I noticed that you got jealous,” Yoochun lied as his cheeky grin spread even further.


A slightly hurt expression grazed Junsu’s face for a split second and his blush started to fade away. “I never said that you were…” Junsu said quietly. “I-I was just telling you that- that I wasn’t interested in you.” But the blush creeping back into his cheeks told otherwise.


Yoochun just kept silent for a few seconds and took in Junsu’s gorgeous face. “You’re name is Junsu right?” he asked, getting a small nod in reply. He raked his fingers through his sweat-soaked hair and put his lips almost to Junsu’s ear, switching his words to English before he spoke again. “Well then Junsu, I would say you’re already mine.”


Sunghe: Wonsu ((American equal is General of Army))

Heechul: Daeryeong ((American equal is colonel))
Changmin: Jungnyeong ((American equal is lieutenant colonel))
Leeteuk: Jungnyeong ((American equal is lieutenant colonel))
Dongwook: Jungnyeong ((American equal is lieutenant colonel))
Eunhyuk: Soryeong/ Head Medic ((American equal is major and... head medic))
Yunho: Soryeong ((American equal is major))
Yoochun: Sangdeungbyeong ((American equal is corporal))
Donghae: Sangdeungbyeong ((American equal is corporal))
Jaejoong: Ideungbyeong ((American equal is private))
Junsu: Ideungbyeong ((American equal is private))

A/N: pwhew... this chapter was unbelievable hard to write mainly because of the first part. it sucks, i know and now that i've reread it a few times it sounds... awkward. i washed my hands like 7 times writing it ((if you don't get it don't worry)) umm i'm going to clean it up some more in the morning. oh lord, now i'm just rambling since its so late but whatever. hope this chapter didn't dissapoint as much as i think it did. please remember to comment! love you all!
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