July 24th, 2008

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 Title: Kiss The Willow
Length: [2/3]
Author: HolyStarDown
Pairing: Yunjae
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst(?)
Disclaimer: Apparently the labels that I stuck on Jaejoong, Changmin, and Yunho's shoulders are not legally binding ((or legal at all o__o)) therefor, I do not own them
Summary: Jaejoong returns home after thinking that the love of his life has forgotten him ((bad summary))
Author's Note: The much asked for sequel to "Nice to Meet You"

I desperately didn’t want to return home. Well, I guess I don’t have a home since “a home is where the heart is” and now my heart was lying on the floor of a random mall in a million bloody pieces. Could you really call a floor a home? In truth, I didn’t want to be anywhere. I pretty much lost everything that I ever needed in this world from just a two minute confrontation with the love of my life. Pretty much everything. Call me crazy, but I still love Yunho, even though he no longer loves me… if he had ever really loved me at all.


It took all the effort I had left to open my front door and walk into the soft lighting of my living room. I kept my head low to hide my tears, though I was vaguely aware of who I was hiding them from at the moment. All I knew was that there was someone else who would be heartbroken by Yunho’s absence.


I let the picture I still hadn’t looked at slide from my hands and slumped on the couch, staring blankly at a wall, right past a very old photo of Yunho and me from when I still thought he loved me. At that point, I couldn’t hold the tears back any more. I just had to let them fall out of the eyes that had been holding them for close to three hours now, blurring my vision slightly as I drove home. I buried my face in the cushion to muffle my sobs and block out the world that must have hated me so much. The cushion did its job considering that I didn’t hear the small footsteps approach me.


“Umma, you’re crying,” a soft voice called to me.


It hit me that this was the person I was trying to hide my tears for, and I had failed miserably. I pulled my face out of the damp fabric to rest my gaze on the young boy that stood in front of me with concern streaking his adorable face. I reached out my hand to stroke his cheek and brushed my tears away with the other hand. “I’m sorry Changmin.”


“Does that mean Appa isn’t coming home?” he asked quietly. For a four and a half year old, my Changmin was incredibly smart, but it was horrible to have to say he was right. If I had known about Changmin just one week sooner, I would have never let Yunho leave. All I could do was nod and sniff as an answer. “It’s okay Umma. I don’t mind,” Changmin said quietly, wrapping his tiny arms around my neck. I couldn’t believe that he was the one comforting me when I promised that I would bring Yunho home. I failed him and we both knew it, I was just the only one showing my disappointment.


We stayed like that for a few minutes until I finally let Changmin go and wiped the rest of my tears away. I considered bringing him with me when I went to see Yunho, but now I knew it was a good idea that I left him here with the babysitter who left the second I got home; it would have been much more horrible if Yunho had let it be known that I was no longer wanted in front of Changmin.


“So, how about dinner?” I asked, desperate for anything to take my mind off of the situation at hand.


Changmin nodded with a smile and ran to the table. I had just made it to the stove when I felt him tugging at my shirt with something in his hand. “Is this him Umma?” he asked, shaking the signed picture of Yunho I had left on the floor.


“Yes,” I said bitterly. “But you shouldn’t worry about that anymore; it’s not important.”


Changmin continued to stare at the picture anyway. “He’s pretty like you Umma,” he said quietly as he returned to the table. “I bet he was nice.”


“Very pretty,” I answered bluntly without looking at Changmin. He didn’t know all of the horrible things I was thinking about his Appa right now.


“Six, three, zero. Pee em,” I heard Changmin say slowly. I turned to see him squinting at the picture gripped in his tiny hands. Of course, he was trying to read the mindless scribble that Yunho wrote to his fans that he thought I belonged to. He couldn’t be any more wrong. Changmin continued reading the message I didn’t want to hear, completely oblivious to my scorn. “K-i-sss. Kiss the. W-i-el-el-o-wuh. Kiss the willawe? Umma, is willawe a word?”


I nearly dropped the pot of boiling water I was holding at his words. “Willow,”’ I corrected him in a whisper.


Willow? Isn’t that a tree? Who would want to kiss a tree?” Changmin asked in innocent confusion. He had no idea what meaning those words held, but I did.


“Let me see that Changmin,” I said, approaching the little boy and reaching out for the picture. He handed it to me without any further question and I read the few words scribbled in the corner of the page.


Boo Jae,


Kiss the willow


Jung Yunho


Yes, I knew exactly what that meant: Yunho hadn’t forgotten me at all.


My eyes widened so far I could have sworn they would fall out. I frantically looked around for the clock that read 6:41. I would be late, but I still had to try.


“Changmin do you think you could stay here for a little while?” I asked, putting my hands on Changmin’s shoulders.


“By myself?” he asked. He stared up at me with child-like horror.


“Yes. I know it will be scary but this is very very important. I’ll be back in no time, don’t worry,” I got on my knees to be closer to his eye level and sent him silent pleas. Hopefully he would understand.


To my complete relief, Changmin gave me a small nod. I wrapped my arms around him and held him close, whispering an ‘I love you’ before leaving.


It had been five years since I last saw the old willow tree where Yunho and I had our first kiss. In a little less than ten minutes, it changed from one of my favorite places to a place I couldn’t bring myself to come back to. In the same place that Yunho had confessed his love to me, he told me that he was leaving. But I still knew exactly where it was and thanked God that it was not too far from my new house; I was scared to death to leave Changmin by himself, but even more afraid of missing my last chance to be with Yunho again.


I couldn’t get myself out of the car fast enough when I finally pulled up to the nearly empty meadow where I had spent so many stolen hours with Yunho. I ran with all my strength to the old willow tree and pushed the veil of branches aside before stepping in, only to find nothing there aside from the tree trunk that still had ‘J.Y. + K.J. 4ever’ etched into the bark. Yunho was nowhere to be found.


The heart that had just managed to tape itself back together shattered once again. Each step I took away from the tree shook another piece from its place and I watched it fall to the ground, along with my tears. How could Yunho not wait half an hour for me when I waited five years for him?


The realization that I had left my four and a half year old home alone didn’t make the pain any easier to bear. I was half tempted to just lie down in the street and never get up, and I would have done so if Changmin didn’t need me. He had accepted that he would never see Yunho this time, but would he still feel the same a few years from now? I fell to my knees only a few steps away from my car. I couldn’t do it anymore; it was just too much. I completely broke down into hysteric sobs, releasing the last care I had for anything in the world. I didn’t even care that a pair of arms were winding their way around my waist- not until I heard him speak.


“Boo Jae, don’t cry. I’m here now.”

A/N: For those of you who asked for a sequel! i spent all night hinking of it and all morning writing it sooooo i hope this satisfies you! ((even though the ending is blah)) 
About Changmin... I had to do it! (>"<) I read a fic where Minnie was Yunjae's son and my mind just wouldn't let it go.... :] please don't kill! As for why Yun didn't do anything at the signing, he didn't want the negitive publicity of showing his undying love for his Boo Jae in front of everyone ;P