July 23rd, 2008

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Title: Nice to Meet You
Length: ((originally a One-shot and could still be read alone)) [1/3]
Author: HolyStarDown
Pairing: Yunjae
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst
Disclaimer: Hell has not frozen over twice and pigs do not yet fly, therefor I don't own Yunho or Jaejoong
Summary: Has he really forgotten?
Author's Note: This is my first completed YunJae fic and first time posting anything in Livejournal :] I wish my first entry wasn't so short or angsty though...

I always thought my world would come crashing down with something much less innocent, like “I’m sorry Mr. Kim; you only have a week left to live,” or “You have cancer.” I never imagined that my life would end with those four little words that he said to me. 

Cruel fate separated us long ago, but he swore that one day it would decide to be kind and bring us together again. I waited for that day, and it finally came.

We were only in high school when he made that promise that has kept me going for so long. It was my last thread of hope that kept me tied to this world after he left.

I followed him to the train station after he had packed his bags to board a one-way train to a far off European country to pursue his dream of becoming a famous singer. I thought it was insane at first, but he didn’t listen. Instead, he told me that I would see him all over the news and everyone would be talking about him, even all the way over here in Seoul. It hardly gave me any comfort. I still didn’t want him to leave. 

It was what he shouted out the window as the long black train blew its whistle and was pulling out of the station that gave me the hope I needed to let him go. “I’ll never forget you Kim Jaejoong! I will love you forever!” But I guess the last note of forever had already been played. 

That promise was what brought me here to this crowded mall after five long years. When I heard that my European celebrity would be coming back to Seoul, I jumped at the opportunity to finally see the keeper of my heart once again. I drove through two hours of traffic and waited in an hour’s worth of a crazed fangirl line only to have my yearning heart split in two with four little words when I got to the front of the line and stood face to face with one ridiculously famous Jung Yunho. Excuse me; U-know Yunho. And I do know him. But apparently, he no longer knows me. 

“Nice to meet you,” Yunho said to me. I stared back at him, eyes unseeing and mouth ajar. Nice to meet you? Had he forgotten all of those years we spent together in school with innocent crushes on each other? Had he forgotten the branches of the willow tree that sheltered us when we had our first kiss? Had he forgotten all of those stolen moments we took around our friends and family? Had he really forgotten his promise to me?

I couldn’t comprehend anything he said after that. Something about my name I think. He just stared up at me with that cookie-cutter fake smile and pen ready to scribble his name on a picture for me. 

I finally came back to my senses… sort of. 

“Um… Your name please? I have a lot of other fans to get to,” Yunho said, his ‘smile’ faltering slightly. Now I was just another fan that meant close to nothing to him?


“J-Jaejoong. Kim Jaejoong,” I muttered. 

Yunho scribbled a short message followed by his signature and handed me the picture. “Here you go.” Not even a flicker of recognition.

“Thank you…” I said with my voice barely above a whisper. I stared at him for a second longer, unmoving and thinking that he would gasp and fling his arms around me like he used to. He never did. He just continued to smile cluelessly.

With that, I bowed slightly to hide the tears that were beginning to form in the corners of my eyes and walked away, breaking that final string of hope I held on to for five agonizing years. At that moment I wanted to die with all my heart, because I now know that to be forgotten is worse than death.

A/N: i know that it's kind of odd for someone to travel to europe from asia in a train, but it would be hard for someone to yell out of a plane window to someone they won't even let inside the terminal :]



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