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Title: Confess
Length: Drabble
Author: HolyStarDown
Pairing: Junsu/anyone 
Rating: G
Genre: romance
Disclaimer: i only own them in my dreams
Summary: Junsu's never been good at confessions

Confess. It’s just a confession.


But Junsu’s never been good at confessions. Even at church, he’s always shied away from telling his pastor the things he’d done, even avoided admitting it in his prayers sometimes.


Changmin told you that he loves you. He says it himself all the time. He won’t turn you down.


Still, these conversations never end the way you want them to. Ever. But Changmin’s a smart cookie, you remind yourself. The maknae knows his stuff.


Talk to him Junsu. Just talk to him.


Even now the thought of his plush lips and velvet voice alone make you want to melt into a puddle and wash away in the rain. He reminds you of rain… and everything else in the world that has ever made you happy. His smile is like the sun, eyes like the sky, voice like a song. You can never get enough of him, yet at the same time you feel like he’s just too much and you’d never be able to handle it.


Just say those three words. Breathe, talk, walk away, done.


The walk from your room to the couch where he’s reading has never been so long. The dim lights have never hurt your eyes so much and made you want to break down and cry. But here you are, staring at the back of his head with your eyes and heart on fire. He loves you, but then again he loves the others too.


Hyung I need to talk to you.


He looks up at you over his thick-rimmed glasses, smiles as he puts his book down. He’s all ears and you know he’ll hang on your every word, no matter what those words might be or how hard it is for you to say them.


Do it.


You’re not sure how to start or where to end or even where you’ll be after this, but you know there’s no turning back now. He pats the cushion beside him, his smile faltering when you shake your head in rejection. You wish you could sit beside him, hold him like he was already yours, and you would if you thought you had the strength to move. But you don’t.


I… I…


Your lungs are screaming at you from all the air you’re not letting them have but you also think the noise might be coming from the heart you’ve forced into silence for too long. His head tilts to the side and worry floods his features. It must be obvious that you feel like you’re going to die at any second. He asks you what’s wrong and you have half a mind to say everything when you know it’s really nothing.


Here it goes.


Your mouth opens and you lips move but you can’t tell if you’re really saying anything at all. His lips part and his eyes widen but he’s not screaming yet, so maybe you haven’t said it after all.


I love you.


A/N: well i wrote this in all of like... 15 minutes while listening to 'tears in the water' which is a song they played as an intermission or something at a DBSK concert. ((it's truely a beautiful song. no owrds but a few spots where you can hear the fans cheering)) i really didn't even plan to write this. it just sort of... wrote itself? /cleche
anyway, i thought of this as a jaesu ((wth is with all these jae-with-the-others-pairings??)) but you can take it as any pairing that you want :3 i excluded the other name just for you guys who also have yoosu/jaeho/some other pairing with either of them people <3

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