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G & K chapter 2

Title: Drink Down the Gin and Kerosene
Length: [2/?]
Author: holystardown and [info]sceneofhate 

Pairing: William x Sarah, Roman x Lillith, Yunjae, Yoosu ((very minor)), several others along the way
Rating: Expect PG-13 
Genre: Romance, drama, vamp!fic, comedy, actions
Disclaimer: we only own sarah and amira <3
Summary: For centuries humans have whispered about creatures of the night that thrived off of drinking human blood, taking the innocent and corrupting them forever. Murderous, bloodthirsty creatures that could be destroyed by decapatation alone but could kill another in the blink of an eye. A mysterious group called the Society decided that they were different; they wouldn't kill or corrupt the innocent but, instead, protect them with every ounce of superhuman strength they had. The leaders of the Society, Sarah Maria and Amira vowed to kill the vampires that created them... but would love cause them to give up their hate-fueled persuit?
Author's Note: new fanfic bitches ;P best watch out. it's written by two people so bare with us for a while while we fight over the outcome :] ((oh and Amira's POV is written by me while Sarah's is written by [info]sceneofhate <3)) i suggest you watch this too :] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-VifE8EK8w


Chapter 2


I left the room letting Amira do what she always did for Hankyung. Gabe sat in the pew across the room, I walked up to him.
"Let me see," I instructed. He looked up ready to argue but sighed and moved his arm away from his stomach. It was a bad tear, blood slowly spilling out. I knew there was nothing much I could do; the wound would be completely healed by tomorrow.
"Get up," I said, offering him my arm for support. He stood, not willing to lose an argument. He gently took off his shirt and I wrapped gauze around his torso.
"Sarah, I'm fine, really," he looked down at me, ultimately failing at hiding the pain in his green eyes.
"You know she won't listen," someone said behind us, near the front of the cathedral. It was a man I didn't recognize and was strangely unable to read.
"Russell, you came," Gabe said taking the clean shirt I had in my hand and put it on.
"Yes, but at a bad time, I suppose," Russell said as he walked towards us.
"Sarah this is Russell Hawthorne," Gabe introduced. "I met him a couple weeks ago, protecting a group of humans."
Gabe put emphasis on the word humans, knowing how skeptical I was. I nodded and asked, "Are you looking to join us?"
"Only if it's okay with the leaders," he said. He had the same dark brown eyes I imagined I had.
"It's fine with me, we'll need to check with Amira though," I said.
"It's fine by me," Amira said coming out of the side room, wrapping gauze around her wrist with an unusually bored expression and not looking at us at all.
"Sarah, Amira!" Roman ran up, looking very distressed.
"What is it Roman?" Amira asked walking up to the group. She finally lifted her eyes.
"We have a problem: it's the hunt. Seven clans are coming looking for war," he answered, his usually blue eyes a deep red color.
"How many?" I asked almost silently.
"Roughly fifteen hundred," he answered. A sudden panic went through me, knowing all to well what we were going to have to do.
"Sarah, we don't have to," Amira said putting a hand on my shoulder.
"It's the only way," I whispered.
"Fine, but I'll talk to the Dandies," she said, suddenly in front of me.
"That would only end in murder, and he won't listen to Roman; he thinks he's above it," I gritted my teeth. "Amira you talk to the Hoods, Roman the punks, and Gabe talk to Pete. I'll deal with Beckett."




No matter how many times I’d seen it, watching Hankyung’s humanity slip away was always strange. His kind eyes turned savage and his sharp fangs dug into my skin, sending shockwaves of pleasure up my arm. I hardly noticed him grabbing the back of my wrist and shoving it closer to my face, but I guess it was better that way; someone I’d been with all my “life” turning vicious wasn’t something I wanted to be fully aware of.


Instead, I focused on keeping myself in control and Hankyung’s thoughts racing in the Chinese he didn’t consciously know. When the pull on my wrist became less forceful, I reached for the glass bottle of swirling blue liquid that Sarah had left behind and popped the cork out with my thumb. Again, the pull lessened and I took the chance to pour four drops of the blue liquid onto Hankyung’s neck.


He instantly jerked away from me and hissed in pain, grabbing for his healing neck.


“Relax; you’re healing,” I told him as his face twisted into a murderous expression, but his raw instinct refused to buy it. We stared each other down, drops of my blood slowly dripping from his stained lips. Oh joy.


Dealing with a vampire with fresh blood in its mouth was always a pain, and the fact that Hankyung went for such long periods of time without blood only made him worse than the rest. He bared his teeth at me and hissed again, shifting his stance to be ready for attack.


“Damnit Hankyung…” I muttered before I closed my eyes. In the darkness I saw twelve different-colored threads that gushed thoughts into my mind. Two shone more brightly than the others; one a brilliant purple and the stronger thread a soft gold. I focused solely on the golden thread and irrational Chinese thoughts began to fill my head, drowning out ever other.


When I reopened my eyes, I could see a thin veil of myself staring straight ahead with a very dreamy expression. Lay back down on the pew Hankyung, I instructed. In my own vision I watched Hankyung slowly obey my command as the veil shifted to show only the ceiling. Now go to sleep. The veil instantly became dark and the Chinese thoughts came to a halt. My control on Hankyung’s mind was broken.


“Glad that’s over,” I mumbled as I picked up a roll of gauze and began to wrap it around my wrist. Just as I reached for the door to leave, the unfamiliar thread crept its way into my mind again. Its deep shade of purple looked almost identical to Sarah’s, and I could tell that the owner of the thread was very close. From what I could hear from Sarah, Gabe had invited someone to join our clan and she was about to check with me for approval. Thank goodness she didn’t hear Gabe or the newbie’s thoughts.


I was in my room getting ready to go to the Dandies’ mansion. There was a light knock on the door. I knew it was Amira before she even let herself in.
"Here," she held out a green Dandies dress, “a sign of respect, right?"
I put on the dress, pinned up my hair and put on the black hat. Slowly turning, I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I almost wanted to murder the girl looking back at me- the girl I vowed to never be again.
"You're not her anymore," Amira said, I looked at her, her eyes full of some type of understanding.
"I know, I just look like her," I retorted.
"Exactly," she gave me a weak smile. I walked out of the cathedral, tall and defiant.



"Is the master expecting you?" a fledging asked when I got to the Dandies Mansion.
"Just tell your master, Sarah Maria is here on official business," I growled. The boy disappeared, came back a few seconds later and motioned for me to go into the study. I took a deep breath and walked into the room like so many times before.
"Maria, I didn't expect to see you here," William said, getting up from his desk with a strange light in his eyes.
"Oh shove it Beckett. I'm here on official business," I growled at him.
"And what is you proposition?" he asked walking towards me.
"An alliance," I said.


William gave out a snort. "What makes you think I'll join an alliance with you?"
"The roughly fifteen hundred vampires looking for war," I replied. William's dark brown eyes turned crimson red.
"How many clans?" he growled.
"We've been told seven large ones," I answered.
"Fine, you've got yourself an alliance," William said, offering his hand. Wow, and I thought I would've had to fight for it.
"There is one condition though," he said, I met his once again brown eyes.
"You listen to me," he said, I nodded and shook his hand. I started to walk off and William added, "And Sarah?”


I stopped, tension crawling on my skin.


“You look lovely in green."
I looked back at him, baring my teeth. Resisting the urge to rip out his throat I retorted, "Oh what a shame."
"Why do you say that?" he asked curiously.
"You'll never have me," I smirked before walking out of the mansion and into the dark night.



I was more than a little apprehensive about Sarah going to persuade William Beckett into an alliance on her own. No, I knew she could handle herself if any of the Dandies dared to attack her. It was the simple fact that she would be speaking to the man she’d vowed to kill in attempt to form a temporary alliance of our clans.


Changmin glanced away from the road when a sigh left my lips. “Something wrong?” he asked.


“No, I’m just thinking,” I answered blankly. Keep your eyes on the road.”


The seemingly innocent vampire smirked when he returned his gaze to the road ahead of us. “You forget that I’m not as gullible as Junsu and I don’t hang on your every word like Roman. Tell me what’s bothering you.”


I stared at his young face in thought. Yes, Changmin was practically a genius in every sense of the word and if anyone could rationally calm my apprehension, it would be him. But sometimes he was just… too smart. “Just thinking about Sarah,” I finally admitted.


“You’re worried about her going to see William.”


“What the heck Min? I thought I was the mind reader,” I said with a playful smack to his arm.


“Please, you’re completely obvious. And that’s definitely something worth worrying about.” Changmin again looked away from the road to shoot a thoughtful look at the roof. “You know, I’m surprised those clothes are letting enough blood get to your brain for you to think.” Fucking snarky genius.  


“Shut up…” I grumbled. But he was right; my clothes were insanely tight. They had to be if I was going to get anywhere with the Hoods. As disgusting as it was, their thoughts about a first impression weren’t controlled by the head on their shoulders. “At least my clothes aren’t falling off,” I added as a last minute retort.


“I would much rather have to hold onto my clothes than have them suffocate me.”


“My underwear isn’t showing for all of them too see.”


“And my boobs aren’t hanging out of my shirt.”


Touché Changmin. Touché. I thought as I scowled for the nth time during our thirty minute car ride.




The lead Hood’s home was nothing short of vulgar. It reeked of every kind f drug imaginable and random pairs of vampires were strewn across everything in sight, shamelessly groping each other or sucking some serious face. Even a few humans had been thrown in the mix. But they weren’t our focus- not now.


Changmin followed a short step behind me as I made my way to the leader, disregarding the bows that were customary to just about every other clan. “We’ve come to form an alliance,” I said, straight to the point.


The leader raised an eyebrow at me and waved the women by his side away. “And why should we be allies with you?” he all but growled at me.


“I think avoiding an all-out war with seven other foreign clans would be reason enough, don’t you?” it took every ounce of self control I had to keep myself from tearing the leader’s eyes out as I pulled up the front of my shirt. Changmin’s silent snickering didn’t help. I suggest you pull up your damn pants before the guy behind you decides to put his thoughts into action. The boy’s horrified gasp was enough to keep me in check, at least for now.


“What are they trying to get out of this war?” the leader asked with obvious curiosity in his deep voice.


“Power, territory. Only they know really.” I listened intently to the leader’s silent debate and channeled his thoughts to Changmin for good measure.


“What would we get out of this… alliance?” he asked after a long internal debate.


“Protection in numbers,” I answered. It was a mistake.


“WE DON’T NEED NO PROTECTION!” the leader was on his feet in a flash, thoughts fuming with anger.


But Changmin and I remained unaffected by his outburst; the Hoods were always touchy about their pride. “Then think of it as a way to make you stronger. I mean, if you’re going to kick their ass you might as well do it with enough power to make the loss stick,” I explained.


Again, Changmin and I listened to the leader think it over until he finally crossed his arms and let out a sigh. “Fine. But as soon as this little war of yours is through, we’re out.”



"How'd it go?" Gabe asked as I walked into the cathedral.
"Well, we have the Dandies," I sighed. He didn't say anything but knew the same thing I did. Just imagine the hell it would bring of having Amira and Brendon fighting side by side.
"We have the hunters Pete's with as well," Gabe finally said. "Actually they're in the cathedral now."
"Yes, I can feel the hunters’ complete distaste for this place," I said. I could feel all of the emotions they felt, anger, fear, and a bit of curiosity.
"Cedric," I called him from across the room. “Give Pete and the hunters the rooms upstairs."
"They really listen to you," Russell observed from a pew as Cedric had left. "I mean Gabe told me you were a good leader and all… but that's more than respect, that's a type of love."
"We're a family, we care for each other in any way we can," I said as I turned to walk to my room but the pain in my head stopped me. It felt like a sledgehammer had been smashed into my forehead.
I screamed, falling to my knees. All sorts of pictures, memories, flooded into my mind at once. The last thing I can remember seeing is a hand falling limp onto the floor, then it was black.   

A/N: i wanna see some comments!! :D you know, just to assure us that this isn't a lost cause...
A/N 2: no i havent forgotten about THE LETTERS FROM WAR UPDATE. i've just been procrastonating... it'll be here sometime in the next week or so though. sorry for the superlong wait <3


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