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G & K prologue

Title: Drink Down the Gin and Kerosene
Length: [0/?]
Author: holystardown  and sceneofhate 
Pairing: William x Sarah, Roman x Lillith, Yunjae, Yoosu ((very minor)), several others along the way
Rating: Expect PG-13 
Genre: Romance, drama, vamp!fic, comedy, action
Disclaimer: we only own sarah and amira <3
Summary: For centuries humans have whispered about creatures of the night that thrived off of drinking human blood, taking the innocent and corrupting them forever. Murderous, bloodthirsty creatures that could be destroyed by decapatation alone but could kill another in the blink of an eye. A mysterious group called the Society decided that they were different; they wouldn't kill or corrupt the innocent but, instead, protect them with every ounce of superhuman strength they had. The leaders of the Society, Sarah Maria and Amira vowed to kill the vampires that created them... but would love cause them to give up their hate-fueled persuit?
Author's Note: new fanfic bitches ;P best watch out. it's written by two people so bare with us for a while while we fight over the outcome :] ((oh and Amira's POV is written by me while Sarah's is written by sceneofhate <3))

Sarah Maria's Prologue

I walked down the dock knowing all to well who else would be there. He stood proud and tall with his back facing me. I stopped walking, not saying a word. I was going to leave but it was too late; he knew I was there. He turned around violently sensing a vampire, he just didn't know which vampire it would be. His eyes flashed with shock, but when he saw who it was the shock disappeared being replace by fear and anger.

"Dad," I said, taking a step towards him.

"Stay from me, you're no daughter of mine," he grunted.

"Do you think I wanted this? That I asked for it?" I half screamed in anger. The wind gave out a slight breeze. My throat was burning again.

"Well, you aren't exactly denying it either," he said just as fiercely as I did. If you had seen us together you would be able to tell we were related. The same bone structure, same dark brunette hair, the only thing that was different was his tan skin and my pale skin (not exactly something I could change). 

"This happened against my will! I'm angrier about it then you are! I didn't betray you!" I screamed this time.

"No! You were careless and let a vampire get a hold of you. I thought I raised you better, but apparently not. You're dead to me and I guess you really are," he said. The wind came back sending a pleasant smell my way. I wanted to rip out his throat out, drain him of all his blood. I resisted, not willing enough to kill my own father.

"Now I can't kill my own daughter even if she isn't anymore, but I won't call off any hunter that does come after you. Keep in mind you have a big bounty on you; they will stop at nothing." Then he was gone, his words still hanging in the air leaving me empty and alone.

I woke up screaming (yes these vampires sleep), terrified of what I had dreamed about. I loathed everything about vampires, I loathed myself. But most of all I loathed the man that had turned me into a monster, William Beckett. The man I had dreamt about night after night- the man that had tried to claim me as his own. The man I will kill...

Amira's Prologue


I will never get used to knowing more about other people's past than my own. One glance, one breath, one touch, and I know everything there is to know about you whether you want me to or not. Yes, it was a blessing in some sense, but a curse in so much more.  It was a constant annoyance to see every detail of a person's life without being able to remember mine at all. The ink forever engraved in my skin and the silver heart that had never left my neck were the only reminders of who I once was... and who I never would be again.
I always swore that I would destroy the man who made me forget- the first person I saw when I opened my eyes into a life I never asked for. I loathed him from the moment I heard his unspoken thoughts: "You are mine now, my dear Amira, as you will be for the rest of eternity." But he was wrong; I belong to nobody. If I truly belonged to him, would I be plotting his death every second I was awake? Would I be sitting on top of this damn building watching and waiting for my chance to strike?
My fingers that danced along the tips of my silver needles burned with desire as I watched his form approach a useless whore- undoubtedly his next victim. For the longest time I've watched him lure different women into his deadly trap without taking action, watched him suck them dry before they stopped moaning long enough to realize he was killing them. But it wouldn't happen this time. Not again. The needle between my fingers seemed to have a mind of its own as it worked its way out of the case strapped to my leg and into my hand. My own thoughts screamed "finish him, finish him, finish him!" and I was not going to refuse.
Put them away Amira.
My head jerked to the side, teeth bared and ready to lash out at the owner of the horridly broken English thoughts. I knew I could never hurt him, but I'd never made any promises about scaring the hell out of him. "Get lost Hankyung," I hissed.
Only if you come with me. His thoughts rang in my mind as his thin figure emerged from the darkness surrounding us, his innocent eyes gleaming a soft gold. He took slow steps toward me and tilted his head to the side slightly. You know you can't do this. Just put that silver away and come back home with me. Please... let it go for now.
I pointedly ignored the hand he stretched out toward me and returned my gaze to Brendon just as the whore dropped out of his arms to the sidewalk. "I'll let it go as soon as you start talking," I shot back at him. But I backed away from the building's edge nonetheless, silently cursing him for being my voice of reason, and let the man I'd vowed to kill go free once again.

A/N: be sure to leave comments to tell us what you think :D

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